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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

I have been set up and framed, I was set up for my taxi licence and framed for vilification cases

I have been the victim of internet thugs and people who want bad legislation, The anti Vilification of Homosexual legislation 1993 by Clover Moore

It is this legislation that has been abused, this legislation should not be as it is misused by the  homosexual lobby  as a tool to abuse and push for those to loose free speech. I have been abused by this law a lot if you read on my past cases. 

i am a christian who is not in favor of same sex marriage and been sued as a case study to push for legislation and case studies to strengthen this law and I feel now is the time for the whole of NSW to get up and have this repealed, not strengthened. 

If you look though my case studies and other articles on me you will see how this legislation is abused. 

I will never give in or accept fault as I know that the mongrels who took me to the Tribunals tell lies and use this law to cause the massive amount of cases I had against me, 


written by John Christopher Sunol
12.22 Wednesday October 26th 2016

My comments

Please note all a troll by the name of Beanie Hynes, John M, Derpy Swede and others are attacking me with lies on my you tubes, please ignore this as at the first available time I will delete there emails and block them when possible.

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