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I heard that Zgeek is coming back online / is so it is all out Full on Flame war of John Sunol against this group of Trolls

I heard that this group is coming back online. if that is so and they leave me alone to do my thing and they do theirs, then that is ok and all Honki Dorus. 


If they go back to their old tricks wkth me, then a full scale online flame war is back on. I tell this to all of 

Pirate: (real name Tony Briscani and owner and leader of Zgeek: Turned up in the 2005 original case of Collier vs Sunol where he told black lies to support Henry Collier to get the case substantiated ) 

Sasq: (real name Danny Webb who was the then computer security expert for Microsoft and spoke by phone link from Japan. He was believed but je told black lies and told the courts that no one could hack into Facebook as he was the security manager of Microsoft nd face book was highly protected. A blatent lie which was put on the 2005 Collier vs sunol case

Rod Cub: real name Rod Swift who committed serious defamation against me by putting you tubes to state and open lie and defame me big time by putting that I was a Gay hater and traveled all over the place preaching hatred to homosexuals and encouraging Gay hate crimes. Back in 2005 Rod Swift (who was Rod Cub) in Zgeek was a journalist for the Sydney star Observer .

Dogwomble: real name Tim Kerslake (A computer wiz kid and techo who took and instant dislike to me since He first contacted me as far backmas 1997/98 when I was doing  research for my BSocSc at the  University on Gay hate crimes. During this time I was a member of Fred Niles Christian Democratic Party nd active and he made death threats and other hatred. I was successful in getting an AVO on him whilst I was in Wollongong studying as he did not turn up in court   and snubbed his nose at  the law. I had zgeek attacking me and he joined Zgeek after that, called himself dogwomble  so he could still attack me and would not be seen breaching an AVO  (which went for 2 years)

Tim Kerslake joined Zgeek for the purpose to attack me  and became Dogwomble (from Canberra ACT)

Rod Swift also was going into Politics from being a journalist (Sydney Star Observer) Joined Zgeek as Rod Cub for the purpose to attack me and set case law

And Henry Collier himself also joined Zgeek himself for the purpose to attack me and became thr Grand wizard of Sunolism where they sold T shirts with my face on it and pushed the lie that I was the head of a world wide cult which they made up to ridicule and humiliate me.

Then Henry Collier formed all the Collier vs Sunol cases whilst at the same time publishing himself on line as the Grand Wizard of sunolism to mock me. They were also making money out of T-shrts with my face and clothering apparels out of Cafe Press which is in California USA.

And any other of the members of This group and any other affiliated with this group  as I blame them for all my troubles over the past 11 years after the first case Back in 2005 

Were the ones who told lies and started my online troubles.

This group has been sued for defamation in another case and their leader Pirate is complete trouble "the computer adminstrator Sasq and head told lies and framed me from this fraudulent "Zgeek group" and set the ball rolling. 

Henry Collier died in 2010 from a heart problem and straight after this the present man who has gained $53,477.43 from this shonky fraudulent cases is still going on up to 2016, some 11 years after the first case Henry Collier won by Default through professional liars and trouble makers from the 

This man "computer named Pirate and His web administrator Sasq back in 2005 with first "Cases of Collier vs Sunol back in 2005"  This case was a set up as this group which actually appeared in my first case "Collier vs Sunol 2005" told black lies, committed open Purgery and caused Henry Collier to get this first case substantiated by false evidence. 

Both "Pirate" and "Sasq" appeared in my first case of Collier vs Sunol back in 2005 and told lies, and Sasq spoke from Japan over a voice connection to the tribunal case Collier vs Sunol back in 2005 which started the ball rolling for 11 years of Court and Tribunal cases .

From there on the ball roles and all my following cases with both Henry Collier and Garry Burns (Burns vs SUNOL) are tainted from the complete lies and fabrications in my 2005 case which started the chain of legal precedents. 

Now in 2016 I have a court order to pay the man ($53,477.43)  who took over from 
Henry Collier and based all of his cases on cases dating back to 2005 
"Collier vs Sunol" cases. 

Also see Barnold law to see an outline of the villification precedents in NSW 

NB: After all of this I tell "Zgeek" if they come back on line if you want to start again, then Bring it on and I will fight you lot back on, online flame war it is, I will not start but be assured "Pirate" "Dogwomble" "Sasq" "Rod Cub" or anyone else I will not take your lies and defamation lying down. I promise you lot that

1. Articles on me from Gay Star Observer - written by Rod Swift (Rod Cub in Zgeek) - Nancy Hennessy original had her face in this being up lifted by this news article
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3. Third article written by the Star Observer and Nancy Hennesy is praised again for winning over me, also mentions Ann Britton
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12. One of my original You Tubes on T-shirts made on me to mock me by those who took me to court - this was part of Henry Colliers work to ridicule me. 
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Written by John Christopher Sunol 
Monday October 31st 2016

My comments 

Collier vs Sunol s based on Fraud

Homosexual villification legislation passed 1993

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