Thursday, 27 October 2016

I would like to run my own business again like I done before in the Taxi's

I would like to go back in business again, Like I once had with the taxi but was set up and framed by others. I will never accept that I am unfit as I am framed by others, that is why I am ordered  to pay over $53,477.43 to the man who told lies in court, committed purgery and set me up. 

I am discharged bankrupt soon and after this I will go into my own business and this time a small cofee shop where  I would like to have music to attract youth..

I have an ABN and I only need to wait until I am discharged bankrupt by February 2017.   As for the past accusations of vilification I  recognize none of them so I have absolutely nothing to be sorry over and I refuse to give any apology or assurances that I will not  vilify to  This group or any other such group or any like trouble makers as I blame them for Loss of my past livelihood and I intend to go back into private business in the public which does not need a fit and proper test so that no  one can set me up. 

I will set up a small cafe/coffee shop and put music into it to draw my customer base 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
11.37 Thursday October 28th 2016

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