Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I would like to start my own business again, this time a coffee shop after I am discharged bankrupt

I have been attacked online over the years by others for my adamant belief in the issue that same sex marriage is wickedness before God and I am not willing to change these beliefs. 

I am bankrupt at the present moment but am discharged in February 2017, after this date trhe world is my oyster. I am looking at saving money to start another business, - but this time not a taxi service, I would rather go into a small business with coffee shop targeting youth and other such groups. I will decide this later and I feel that if it is in Gods plans, money will not be the problem. 

The money I that was awarded to the Garry who took me to court, I do not have at the moment to pay him. I will NOT SELL MY HOME TO PAY THIS MAN for two reasons, 

1. I do not have to as the home is in trust and he can not get to it 
2. I am not going to give into the thugs and liars who have committed purgery in taking me to court on false hyped up lies that I vilify homosexuals. 

I do not vilify, will never accept this and will show the people that I do not go out of my way to sell my tas set  to make reparation with the trouble makers that want to take me to court. I would rather fight them through the courts. I need assets to be able to obtain money for future business plans, not to pay homosexal lobbists money to comitt more evil.

So this is far more to not having the money, it is a fact that I do not give into evil like those that had me i  the courts.

I have no mind to give in and neither will I. 

If I had the extra money I would pay Garry the $40,000 piss him off and go back and do my own thing. I am not sorry for what I have been through and all the more defiant to these groups than ever. 

(note they do not want a plebiscite as they know that most Australians do not want same sex marriage) a plebiscite would show that so they tell lies like this over national suicide and other rot about homosexual youth (not gay as gay is an old English word that means happy, lively and the homosexual rights groups stole this word to use as propaganda) . When in reality they commit suicide comes from the homosexual lobby organizations themselves feeding them lies and propaganda, like Joseph Goe did to the Hitler Youth from 1933-1945)  

If and when I get my own business I will take my employees from my own family or the churches to avoid employing trouble makers from the  homosexual lobby groups which I refuse to employ. Not through hatred but through it is against my principles and I am fighting them in the courts and refuse to give in. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.41 on Wednesday October 5th 2016

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