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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Iceland will be totally destroyed by evil Ass Pirate party of homosexual fascists , UKIP leader may loose top spot due to criticizing gay animal on animal rape

Luke here,

A blog is for sharing what's on your mind, a web log of sorts. And here's my interesting thoughts of the day....

But before I'll get stuck into the headlines, As usual I have an axe to grind slowly against the neck of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW infant sex normalization Wing (under Mz Wing) - homosexual vilification, that has had it's president and all 5 members fired already after my family's persecution exactly 2 days after my dad's Radio interview made it to David Clarke MP's office through a trusted friend who works there. Oooh! Sorry Dangerously close to burning a source here. Ok! Shut up Luke....

Oh and the boylover cried, and who do you think replied. Not the feminist he wrote to. AHAHAHA. Garry are you going to call up David Clare MP's office and complain? Who do you think's going to instigate the Parliamentary Inquiry into YOU and the Anti-Discrimination Board. Please keep up the good work Garry.....

Date: 2 March 2016 at 06:39
Subject: Your correspondence to the Office of the Attorney General - (Matter16/000581)
To: antidiscrimination@bigpond.com

Dear Mr Burns

Please find attached a response to your correspondence from the Office of
the Attorney General.

Yours faithfully

Community Relations Unit
NSW Department of Justice
Locked Bag 5111, Parramatta NSW 2124
Phone:  02 8688 7586
Fax:       02 8688 9620
Email: communityrelations@agd.nsw.gov.au

(See attached file: Matter16.000581 Outgoing Response.pdf)

Department of Justice - Promoting a Just and Safe Society.

Visit us at www.justice.nsw.gov.au.

Please consider our environment before printing this email. This email and any attachments may be confidential and contain privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this communication. If you have received this message in error please delete and notify the sender. When communicating by email you consent to the monitoring and recording of that correspondence.

Before being taken out with his 5 minions (see below) Stephan "The Lesbian" himself thought a Parliamentary Inquiry into to the Anti-Discrimination Board was a good idea when challenged by Andrew Bolt. 3x of the complaints out of 27 listed in this Newspaper Article below are Garry "Boylover" Burns confirmed fabrications against John Sunol where the DPP (given authority to do the attorney generals job as per the ADB act) rejected the ADB's lunacy.

And to think Justice NSW put's the injustice of the anti-discrimination board tent at Newtown Gay Pride Fair on their backdrop for their twitter account..... The times they will be a changing soon.... Oh shit, I checked their twitter, they already removed it, I have the image saved away somewhere. Oh well maybe next time. In the meaintime, you should see our backdrop on OzziesLovePedos!
https://twitter.com/ozzieslovepedos Jez Smith's (Garry's webmaster) hacked accounts (webmaster fail) from the Garry the Burns and Co bragging of raping a young Queensland boy Sparkles The Pony Incident. If Garry wanted to sue for victimization ... oh never mind :P But he doesn't sue for that post? Wonder why? Is he ashamed of doing something naughty?



Appointment of members

72 Appointment of members

The Board shall consist of 5 members (including a President) appointed by the Governor.

BREAKING THE LAW (Anti-Discrimination Act) A YEAR NON-STOP - Also Known AS :

That's right - THE HEAD OF THE ADB SNAKE HAS ALREADY BEEN CUT OFF "Stephan the Lesbian" (inside joke for people who read my old blog @ VGB saw - ADB's old Kingpin Stephan "The Lesbian" Islam hating (yippee!) Armenian Turk wrote papers to the Federal Government arguing if you a man feel like a woman when you wake up, there is nothing stopping you walking into the lady's room at Westfield Shopping Town that day - ask in the comments for a re-post of his personally signed handiwork when he wasn't allowing the ADB do boylover Garry Burns vexatious lawsuits all day and setting me up with the gay police for a malicious 60C NSW Crimes Act prosecution after complaining against Kate Howe back in 2007 when I went to his office personally complain!). HE IS NO MORE - FIRED AND THE WHOLE BOARD WITH HIM.

As I always say. I will be the last man standing vs the ADB and their pedophile entourage proxy vexatious litigants.

The Lion has already ripped out the jugular of the springbok and ADB bitch-fest - she's a going down. And now with the one dyke in charge of the whole operation we know who to blame for what happens next. Oh revenge is better sweet for Garry Burns writing about Bernard Gaynor's testicles and the blood in the water on his now redacted blog posts after he had the shit sued out of him for defamation - yet he can't remove http://twitter.com/garyburnsblog like his blog posts (notice the fake name - no gay activist by the name of "Gary Burns" one R ever existed with a drivers license in his pocket to match. Now he converted a lawsuits lodged under a fake name into 53k that is payable to a different name. That's saying if XYZ inc sued you - now pay ABC inc the money. Fraud plain and simple done by the local court in Waverley yet again, but there is no point being dealing with the identity fraud - use of the an alias without justification to do so in the criminal and civil justice systems - only criminal court penalties can be applied to people with non-discharged Bankruptcy status - you ejaculated too soon Garry - Let's rhyme why he screwed up: rather than call it fraud and let you delay - how about no pay day!!! NEVER Ever! Before John Sunol is a discharged bankrupt in Feb 2017) the NSW Sheriff is going to sent your fraudulent collection notice to the shredders. It's too late now to back-track Garry.

It thought Garry Burns had top-tier bankruptcy law information, being able to pay of ex-cop Brendan Ritson a partial payment, and then say I'm going to get you your money mate, I just have to frame up Sunol a few more times! The partial payment was to keep the debt under 5 grand so the shifty bugger couldn't be forced into bankruptcy earlier than he was.

Anyway because he forgot the password when he deleted an email account (gaydaynews@gmail.com) tied to that same twitter account he used to send death threats to Geoff McKee, John Sunol and Robert Balzoa, when in a panic attack of guilt for his criminal offenses under investigation by the QLD Police service he cocked up - and we exposed from message headers when the boylover used the account and when the webmaster used the account... He paniced and deleted the whole email account trying to destroy evidence of his criminal offences - but in doing so can't delete all the twitter "Gary Burns" posted links and captions to his sharks eating Bernard Gaynor balls defamatory posts on his blog, because not only did he delete his email account - he deleted the email account for password recovery set on his twitter account - the moron and his shit hot Webmaster Jez Smith - forgot the password for @garyburnsblog. Haha. Funny as.

Even the former ADB president "Stephan The Lesbian" is calling the ADB a headless chook
The reason why no replacements have been issued is at the highest levels of the Liberal party of NSW know the ADB's days as the boylover's rubber stamp extortion operation days are numbered. They are doing the right thing saving the taxpayer's money by not appointing any more pro-pedophile cronies like your self Stephan! It's the beginning of the end my friends.

Stephan came to power during an ADB funding crisis in 2003 where they had to lay off staff due to budget cuts, I dug up my research on that which found it's way into Gaynor's and Geoff McKee's affidavits, and I'm too lazy to dig it up now.

By allowing the boylover to put through a large number of complaints they were able to justify their funding and administration of homosexual vilification administrative law, in effect by allowing Garry Burns vexatious fraudulent and sometimes even fake gay hate crime fabricated complaints where he publishes comments on his blog he approves of then sues people for doing the public act he made public, and all the while they were keeping themselves employed.

If they let the boylover loose is bogus legal complaints well they would be out of a job wouldn't they?  Less complaints from only one queer justifies less funding.
They had to resort going to universities and doing seminars to young queers on how to go on power-trips like the boylover himself because nobody else was using the Homosexual Vilification laws but Garry. I have images of that going on backed up in my VGB archive.

Acting President of the ADB Elizabeth Wing is most definitely finished for life in the Public Service along with the board very existence for the mistakes they made recently under her totally exclusive watch, you watch and see what happens next folks! And sorry no spoilers just yet... Jaws makes no waves until he bites his prey, but at least there was are still some other "shark" figure of speech examples in this blog post to keep you amusedThe ADB is running around like a headless chook and can't enforce the law if they are breaking it but not even putting more than one extremist feminist dyke bitch in charge who spends NSW Taxpayers money monitoring what people outside their jurisdiction critizing their over-reach do all day.

(Update: Yes this is a psychological warfare post to demoralize the enemy in response to their lawfare clearly bogus vexatious litigation without merit against my family members because they can't get me the political refugee living abroad with the right to dissent. I am being careful not to reveal how exactly that the ADB will be destroyed, but be sure a plan is afoot and it's well underway)

I was prompted to get off the couch and write this post because I noticed in the CNN news for idiots weaponized propaganda broadcast today said that Iceland may be ruled by a filthy dyke run Pirate Party and have the first dyke head of state in world history to boot. I can just imagine her going to places like The Gambia and expecting people to kiss her ring, that's going to make even more world history than China not letting Obongo get off the plane. Now that I got stuck into it, I can prove that I all by myself am capable of EPIC rants, that for some strange reason Garry blames my father for, when my dad wouldn't be seen dead using the language that I use. I do admit he talked to his son about the concept of Garry's "Legal Fiction" gay pedophiles can't exist that promoted the epic post I did all by myself that Garry is suing the father for. That's about it really? So if a father talks to his son about his persecution and the whole internet on Truth News Radio Australia, and someone else blogs about it - it's his fault? Someone shares a thought, and then someone else blogs expands on it - that person isn't the instigator of the public act under Anti-Discrimination law - it's the person who did a private act with his own family member is at his fault? One what planet did these faggots learn the law? 

Since when is a father talking to his son on the phone about his gay pedophile mafia persecution a public act? I was bitch slapping the ADB and emailing the boylover and co about his persecution of Sunol long before my father was sued. Just because they are suing him now doesn't mean they can gag me by suing my father for my activism they wanted to stop in the first place by instead blaming the father for the "sins" of [ gay infant sex normalization activism hater of a] son. The ADB is the only organziation that punishes family members so overtly for the actions of their own kin. Only North Korea is bad as this dyke bitch known as Elizabeth Wing that's going down in a big hurry. Only North Korea targets the family members of defectors, and it's no secret I defected a long time ago. http://bit.ly/aurefugee2 for the defection papework (Australia & NZ too by virtue of the backing of warrants scheme)

Imagine that - if you give birth to someone who grows up to disrespect gay pedophiles you will be held liable under Dyke Elizabeth Wing's reign of the Anti-Discrimination board for the crime of helping conceive a child who isn't exactly gay friendly.  Maybe my dad should have got raped in the boarding house as a teen when a homosexual came onto him and he ran bloody fast - then he would have turned out gay and not be sued now.

Is that his crime not being gay and doing a heterosexual act helping a woman (my mother the ADB puts on their website like the scum they are) giving birth? How friggen extreme is the ADB with their malicious prosecutions and apportion of blame? Elizabeth Wing has to explain to us all why she chopped down 10 tree's making these North Korean style Orwellian homonazi fascist claims and mailing them to my mother's house where my father hasn't lived for more than 2.5 years, contrary to Garry's belief when he arranges KiwiFarms gay pedo stalkers to psych each-other up to go there and kill all the occupants inside the address in Berry NSW (Kentia Cres) as he did on the KiwiFarms forum (Google Luke Ledgerd McKee for the filthy - they redacted the death threats on the first page but I backed them up)

Since Garry Burns orchestrated his gay pedophile friends to plot to raid my mothers house and kill everyone inside, a lot more has come about about Garry Burn's kiwifarms gay child rape pedo cult. See this article

Dear All,

I have not done an article on this one but Kiwi Farms seem to have finally lost their Google ads.

Please spread this and post about it on Twitter or your blogs. Eddie this is definitely worth a blog poet or two.

We have now taken pretty much all revenue sources from Kiwi Farms. 16 chan is gone. Josh's family is regularly called by victims and Googling him links to his unfortunate sexual tendencies.

It would also be helpful if everyone on this list could tweet or link to the following page in a blog post or something 

Kind regards,

Sam Smith

writing as
Matthew Hopkins
The Witchfinder General

https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/570ecd62e4b05f2c4f04ce8d <- my mother's picture is in there yet she has nothing to do with the case. The video that links to Mark Newton and Peter Truong saying it's homophobic to oppose them raping little boys that has everything to do with the case was cropped out by ADB pedo scum lesbian minions - that has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE FRIGGEN CASE! You should see how hard they work spending your tax dollars and the poor transcriptions they tender to the court without being forced to pay for a proper job like we do - with Nancy Henessy demanding transcripts of audio NCAT not released to John Sunol (audio censored from CDs) or he'll be found in contempt and ruled against last month. Those transcripts cost 14 thousand dollars, and you can't pay to transcribe what you paid $80 dollars for for from the NCAT registrar if the the queer (yes he is OMG - it's a queer orgy fest down there - we have stories on the NCAT registrar doing naughty things like making affadavits go missing from files etc) deleted the court audio and gave you 3 blank cds with 1 mins of technicanians saying the equipment is broken and 2 hours of static. They transcribed this interview for me with more typos than even I do on an epic blog post like this: http://www.dailystormer.com/radio-stormer-presentations-luke-mackee-on-gary-burns-sodomite-rights-activist/ also known as "the boylover's early years - the definitive interview". Ask me and I'll share their handiwork. Hint ADB fags, improve efficiency let Youtube do the first pass of the transcription then you fix it up - it will be better than the filth you hand to a court. But no then there would be less need to hire as many dyke leftists in their den known as the ADB.

The Homo-fascist  Australian / NZ Pirate Party are anti-internet freedom pedophiles who support the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board of child sex normalization have openly sent me repeated death threats which I'll include below. I thought the Australian Ass Pirate Party may have cared about the June 25th John Sunol Decision that ruled it's a crime to link to someones YouTube video because the Youtube's description box nobody reads it links to a thesis wrote by Robert Oscar Lopez PhD who gave the main evidence against the USA gay Marriage SCOTUS court case had wrote a entitled "same sex marriage is child abuse". A gay NCAT judge Wakefield ruled Mr Lopez PhD who used to be a child prostitute pimped out by his Lesbian mothers has no right to talk about his own (and others in the same boat) child abuse because as Wakefield says in his decision the lesbian child pimps can do no wrong and it's hateful to criticize them (whilst claiming he represents pedophiles on his own law-firm's blog - then he redacted his own blog post (1/5 in total) admitting the conflict of interest he has legal specialist in representing pedophiles for a living, and then adjudicating a case with a pedophile in the NCAT courtroom known as the boylover - all the while creating new case law that can be used by pedophiles against their victims (in his day job)! His since redacted article was re-posted here on Sunol's blog - and re-posted here again after NSW GLLO GAY PEDO POLICE deleted it without Sunol's consent). Yep he as ruled as the child victim of gay parenting and child prostitution Robert Oscar Lopez PhD MUST NEVER SPEAK OUT - AND THOSE WHO LINK TO HIS WRITING or in SUNOL'S CASE LINK TO SOMETHING THAT LINKS TO HIS WRITING must be prosecuted. That's right - that's right - victims of gay parenting are so evil, it's a crime to even be connected to such a victim by 3 degrees of separation. Say's the great gay judge Wakefield. Maybe Sydney Grammar school (my old outfit) and other posh schools need to do some anti-pedophile discrimination actions against this Gay Judge and to keep him away from their kids he wants to help tutor in the Kudos Society Dead Languages tuition program.

What an pro-pedophile extremist decision that only a faggot judge who lives with his boyfriend in a posh 1 bedroom apartment in Sylvania Waters could make eh? Time to have a look into his eyes and decide or not for yourself if you think he deserves to take longer than any other judge at NCAT to finalize any decision, and has more hearings than any other part time employee at NCAT per case raking in as much money as possible for what little work he gets from Garry "Boylover" Burns completely bogus vexatious complaints. In those complaints he allows Garry's argument that pedophiles who identified as gay before their arrest and conviction must not be vilified and rules in the boylover's favor. His specialty is helping Asian's getting visas (just like the NSW GLLO Gay pedo police - how my saga started), NCAT, Suing other lawyers for the law society of NSW, and admits having great expertise and experience representing pedophiles & ( case law). Maybe they come to him through his old boys network he was a member of. In High School his major was Choir Boy (yes they had that at the Anglican School tas.nsw.edu.au all the way through to year 12) and being a Drama Queen. He's sure grown up to be know Choir boy. 

Lots of sicko leftist pedophiles at the ADB and NCAT are getting rich very quickly from the boylover's ADB vexatious lawsuits, and who pays for it? You do - the taxpayer. We are talking a multi-million dollar tax-payer funded venture that only benefits those it employes and the boylover - perhaps to the tune 3-5 million dollars per year in ADB Staff, and NCAT judge hours alone.! All this to keep the boylover's needs for vexatious lawsuit supplied tax-free dole-supplement cash advantages to pay for his rent-boy and child sexual tourism habits (in Sri-Lanka - as confessed on tape when Tom Cahill did a number on him as the Hanoi Enquirer and confirmed from the email leaks).
Alas...  Get rich schemes never last forever.... The ADB is about to be sued into oblivion with the first of many class actions for all these vexatious lawsuits, and shamed in a special NSW Parliament inquiry with so much drama not seen since Franka Arena got gay Twenty10 "The Wall" worker teen prostitute boyraping self-declared "bi-sexual" judge David Yeldham in charge victims of child abuse charities to kill himself (score #1). I wonder if Wakefield charges $1000 dollars a hour for each sitting day at NCAT? How many other judges have had 3 sitting days on a single vexatious complaint - yet more ADB Guinness book of records stuff - including the most times to be litigated by one man Sunol v Garry Burns. All this for what? The crime of linking to a video that vilifies who Mark Newton and Peter Truong who did gay anal baby rape infant Drake Newton, and are locked up for another 40 years (a.k.a MCKEE VS BURNS round II after Nancy Henessy was recused) and citing some statistics from GOVERNMENT AGENCIES in the United States, about homosexuality and pedophilia.

Peter Truong says he's still not a pedophile in 2016 (see infamous post my father's being blamed for writing that I wrote COMPLETELY) - and that he "loved his son" (<- that link blocked in VN and for good measure too - it's the same site where gay child raping pedo cop Christopher Kent Bowersox who attempted to murder me wanked off to Russian soldiers having their heads cut of by Muslim rebels when he wasn't trying to set up encounters where he could shoot dead civilians in real life !!!like me almost!!! - that was already blogged up somewhere else and - you guessed it - John Sunol linked to it and then the ADB & the boylover says you must not vilify gay men especially gay police who identify as gay and then rape kids - again - history repeats since the infamous June 25th "abcplugspedos" in austlii.edu.au case law decision - thou shall respect the self-declared gay who rapes kids) even though Indiana State prosecutors including Steve Debrota watched the videos of Peter Truong doing anal penetration of the infant after he gave up his password to his computer. Those same prosecutors got the email from Peter Truong's lawyer  in a reply all (including to the man who watched videos of her client raping infants) where after being found guilty and sentenced to 42 years he says by proxy through his lawyer Angeln Gates "I'm not a pedophile - it was boy love - and therefore I am a gay man not a pedophile". Gay men are boylovers and must not be vilified as pedophiles? Where have we heard that before? (ADB PEDO Scum: notice there is a link on this that needs to be printed out and included IN FULL in your complaint. ADB pedo scum cut out single sentences and never review the whole material in context and ignore hyper-links, because oh my god public interest defenses about keeping children safe might come up - and they are not here to keep children safe now are they? They are here to enable exact opposite if their twitter feed is anything to go by). What's Geoff McKee being sued for by Garry Burns. Suggesting Peter Truong is a gay man and a pedophile, when he clearly said on national radio before the crime and and after via email says "I'm gay" - but if he says he's gay - oh shit you can't call him gay if he raped a kid. Hum.. Maybe Garry should stop calling him gay based on all the pedophile activity we detecting him doing, or even better yet be disqualified from applying to NCAT as being a homosexual, because NCAT ruled you can't be gay and a pedophile (the legal fiction), oh and what's this evidence about Garry Burns being a pedophile that precludes him from being gay. I just love it when the rock-spiders get caught up in their own web. He said homosexuals can't be gay. We'll now we can prove if someone is a pedophile, they can't be a homosexual, so in turn they never had standing under the anti-discrimination act to lodge any complaint.

I can't wait for the ADB DYKE PEDO SCUM OFF OUR LAW BOOKS RALLY! COMING SOON TO PARLIAMENT HOUSE NSW! I have to make the signs - big ADB logos saying they say its' against the law to critize these "gay dads" having sex with this baby, as anyone who identifies as a homosexual must not be vilified no matter what they to do to little infants bottoms. With a big photo of the gay judge who admits he represents pedophiles who made the decision too!

I'm writing an awk (programming language - text parser) script to parse all austlii NCAT case law to compare Wakefield's performance on putting decisions out from first hearing day to judgement compared to everyone else. I think the statistics I'll put up in a spreadsheet will show Gay Judge Alexander [fake name "John" used in Court] Wakefield a massive factor of 10-50 times more inefficient than anyone else. He has no qualifications in anti-discrimination law other than he's a "judge" - well legally not a magistrate like Nancy Henessy, just a big fat NCAT "member". Also being gay means he's not an ordinary person so can't judge as required by anti-discrimination law if an ordinary Australian citizen would find the said comment by the vextatious ligitigant would actually able be vilify someone or not (through the eyes and mind of an ORDINARY person).

If you look at the introductory speech from Clover's 1993 Bill, that's where this concept comes from. Do ordinary Australian men bounce up and down on other mans penises rubbing their shit all over it? I think not unless Australia has really had a turn for the worse since I was forced into exile by the ADB and their poxy gay police! Rainbow labor has been trying to defer ADB pedo loving powers directly to the gay police (though it doesn't stop them trying against Sunol when they have no powers to arrest him), but thank got the Liberals shot down Rainbow Labor's shadow attorney general who is an associate of the boylover. The leaked emails about that will be released shortly. Here's the victory dance on the bill being defeated.

Is gay anal bum-sexing an ordinary Australian man by any measure or that of a Sodomite? And more to the point can Wakefield make decisions that would be accepted as fair by ordinary men who don't love sex with children like he clearly does by his actions and his decisions? The NCAT code of conduct also talks about apprehended bias too.

Can he even relate to what is an ordinary Australian citizen? Can a gay judge's mind even think like an ordinary person who is not [as] perverted? His actions suggest he's unfit to even serve at NCAT and should be recused from all capacities as a NCAT member, but we'll wait for Hennessy to see if she has the balls (and she does have big ones believe me) to give my dad's 5th and 6th complaint from Garry Burns back to the same man before we recuse him and take them all down in one shot.

So the least qualified person on earth you could put on the NCAT member panel taking homosexual vilification cases only is a homosexual judge with no qualifications in anti-discrimination law. That's what Nancy Hennessy gave my father after she was recused herself.

He has argued that all survivors of child gay sexual abuse must be dealt with through arbitrage (on his lawfirm's blog) and he's main investment is running the two main arbitration societies in Sydney NSW. His published resume also shows he participated on a panel that argued "is arbitration a way to hush / cover things up". If you can do 1+1 you can figure out his views on child sexual abuse is: COVER IT UP! This who Nancy Hennessy head of the Equal Opportunity Division of NCAT one up from the Anti-Discrimination board put in charge after being caught herself out having private meetings with a gay pedophilia normalization activist (<- GAY AIDS TAL LIFE Hennessy insurance scandal my research hehe)- YEP: a gay pedophilia normalization activist gay judge Wakefield.

http://www.holmanwebb.com.au/john-wakefield <- look into his eyes. Can you feel the evil like I can?

Never before in Australia has a judge gay (he is) or not openly admitted in case law you must love anal raping little kids as much as Wakefield head of the Holeman Webb law firm has who the ADB/NCAT pays for him to sit on his hands wondering for 2 years with a decision in reserve (after Garry Burns first announced on his Facebook page the decision will go to reserve before the queer judge announced it himself - showing he he likes to have private ex-party meetings with the judge after the HEAD OF NCAT WAS RECUSED FOR DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING - MCKEE VS BURNS in Case law). According to our research the legal maximum a decision that would end Garry Burns can sit in reserve giving him breathing space to fabricate more complaints to get of the failed first one - a strategy employed against John Sunol after he lost an AVO application with costs to the tune of 4.5 grand.

That's right -  if it's wrong to vilify those who fuck babies (if they are homosexual too as Garry argues, as that's homosexual vilification) then NSW ADB is creating a new subclass of child rape victims (those abused/raised by homosexuals) in the progress with no free speech rights against their perpetrators in the process of making that decision, but Justice Garry Neilson came close (whilst talking about the slippery slope of all things I'll cover more on if you read on). I find this really funny because being a Muslim ISIS rape victim is all you need to be a human rights award winner these days - you'd think these leftists would love an ex-gay blogger child prostitution victim like Robert Oscar Lopez but no. He runs a charity to keep children safe - so he's a bad man and a crime to link to. In what backwards universe is it a crime to link to a youtube video that links to a blog post of the head of a child safety charity internationalchildrensrights.com? A gay pedophile judge NSW child sex loving empire one of course! Single parents victims can complain. Wards of the state can complain. But children abused by gay parenting, are gagged, by Wakefield's decision as one such victim already has been by the GAYPED judge.

But I see if you are Gay and Ass Pirate of the Australian Pirate party you are licensed to Threaten to Kill by the NZ/AU Federal Police who refuse to do anything against politically connected queers.

Maybe the gayped NSW ADB can rule it's hate speech to be against elite Ass Pirate Party queer leadership threatening to kill me. It's not the first time I've got the notion from them they wanted me to die for the sake of gay pride even though I'm not gay ever since Garry Burns in 2010 made recorded phone calls threatening me saying he was invited to watch my gay anal rape and murder in jail 3 years before his vexatious lawsuit of my father, and just before he sued his associate threatened my dad as covered by Donald J Trump's associate Robert Stacy McCain- if we can't get you we'll get your family. The evil faggot ADB gay mafia of course loves it's mafia tactics. (Then there is the fact everyone accused of 60C NSW Crimes Act before me is a death in custody - These bastards won't organize me to die for gay pride)
The message is: You need to love faggots doing hate crimes. It wouldn't surprise me they are capable of anything as you are finding. Garry testified in court under oath he doesn't know the Drewitt-Barlows who made the threats to my dad before the boylover first sued him, but his twitter account follows them and visa-versa. He's some honest faggot isn't he that's facing a raft of perjury charges yet the ADB keeps rubber stamping the serial insane vexatious litigant.

Only the OTO Satanic Cult said rubbing penis in another man's shit gives you power above all others. And to Honor the OTO - that claim has become law in Australia - Only a gay can use homosexual discrimination law. Gays may burn down a church and the ADB by law can't call it a hate crime because the ADB has told me on the phone but is too gutless to put it in writing it's "lawful discrimination" - so an anti-gay church burning or gay doing hetro-phobic hate crimes to cops (like Garry's himself did in the past according to supreme court of NSW) that carry 14 years jail or more can't be investigated  by the ADB because the perpetrator does homosexual sex act and the victim of the hate crime doesn't. Wow "I do gay sex acts so I'm immune to investigation and above all others". This isn't equality - this is gay supremacy of homo-fascist bigots. That's new isn't it? Well I heard about that with a face to face visit before I lodged my complaint against gay cop Kate Howe. I lodged the complaint as sex based discrimination but the ADB staff broke 60C NSW Crimes Act to obtain personal information on the law enforcement officer Kate Howe and ascertained she was an elite protected gay species with authority to be biased against heterosexuals and do hate crimes, whilst being mandated to take charge of any case where a homosexual points the finger. It's amazing. She said the magic words "I lick out another woman - therefore I can't be investigated for an offense that gets 14 years jail - because the motive (not the crime itself) was homo-on-hetro hate crime bias not the other way around". INSANE. So that's like saying killing people is illegal, but if a gay kills a heterosexual it's legal, at least in the eyes of the Anti-discrimination Board as both killing someone and Kate Howe's offence can each fetch 14 years jail. Have you ever seen anything more bigoted than the filthy gay pedo run ADB? I bet you can't find a worse example of bigotry than that in the whole world.

Extreme fag bigotry under law. Do what thou wilt [faggots] and that will be the whole of the law, as the OTO satanists say as their calling card. We'll the law is that now - IF YOU ARE GAY in NSW Australia! And guess who founded the ADB due to be broken down in graphic detail in a future post. *Spoiler Alert*: Gregory Tillet former head of acon.org.au who wrote the history of the OTO gay child sex cult in Australia was instrumental in founding the GLLO Gay Police and the NSW ADB.

Anyway back to the headlines after being getting stuck into the pedophile Ass Pirates down-under (I wrote this paragraph first before my mind stumbled across the ADB scum)

I saw these claims on CNN about Iceland that is very pro-establishment as the Clinton News Network and is being ripped apart from by trump, saying how wonderful the Ass-Pirate party is for being Anti-Establishment. And Low and Behold it's a queer ran operation that doesn't care about internet freedom being violated with the ADB ruling it's a crime to link to someone-else's blog, as exposed on my last post. After getting up off the couch, not to my surprise I find out the Pirate Party in Iceland is no different to what's in Australia, a homosexual co-opted power-trip that's doomed to fail. Anderson Cooper of course we all know is a raging faggot and an ex-CIA intern that didn't go very far in an agency known for being an occult Skull & Bones mens-only shagfest like Bohemian Grove (or he graduated to project Mockingbird and still works for them)

Before the Ass Pirates are elected, let this blog proclaim that Iceland is going down the toilet of corruption, filth and possibly a revolution when they realize exactly who they are voting for when their loyalty to elite globalism is exposed. The Ass Pirate Party is a bunch of homosexual fascist first and foremost, doing the Fabian socialist tactic of hijacking an issue they think can make have a popular support. I look forwards at pointing back at this blog post when the story rings true.

I only found the UKIP story because it was related to the Icelandic one (related story) on the news article below. If you complain about your male race-horse being nearly raped by a gay donkey - that's not gay friendly, and you could loose your position of power. Who knew we had to support gay animal rape to get a top job these days.... People thought Rome began to go down hill when https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incitatus a horse was nearly appointed as consul of Rome. Now in 2016 someone can't hold a public office for not respecting a gay donkey horse rapist? No wonder Garry Burns keeps saying it's not the 1960's get with the times all over his blog!

Does the phrase slippery slope ring any bells? Also I wonder if Historians will look back at this point in history and say yep, western civilization now is decline as much as Rome's was under the reign of Caligula. Is this the beginning of the end?

Garry Burns sued both Tess Corbett and Bernard Gaynor after watching that video above. And now all (+2) are counter-suing the ADB (not only their bankrupt boylover proxy Garry Burns they love to rubber stamp but Elizabeth Wing's budget centre as well, and potentially Sunol's advocates will be filing criminal charges against her to get her jailed for putting her neck on the chopping block for the boylover and perverting the course of justice) with others in a class action. That's the breaking news. And the damages in class actions usually run into the millions, just getting one started is a great legal hurdle in Australia compared to America. This is big news! Where's the mainstream media coverage of this unprecedented legal event?

And to think the boylover's mistake to sue them both (Tess Corbett / Bernard Gaynor) was inspired by the video above, that video above all things talks about Marriage to lamps (yes light bulbs) and the "slippery slope" that isn't meant to exist, but boy it does. Open the door to one depravity (homosexuality), and then someone who has other depravity (for example baby anal rape like Newton and Truong / Christopher Kent Bowersox, @TwoDadsAndMe etc.) and claims they are gay too (like all those in brackets did) - so therefore they too must not be vilified - and down we go on that slippery slope we go. Garry Burns himself is the best two word argument against gay marriage because nothing shows the slippery slope exists better than he does. Garry Burns slippery slope is more slippery than a slope on the rope at the AIDS infested prison he'll be going to soon. And of course the best one word argument against Gay Marriage is BOYLOVER! My father in Vietnam (A Free Speech Zone unlike NSW Australia, where all must pledge loyalty to pedophilia) put comments to that effect against Gay Marriage on the Australian Marriage Equality Facebook wall. My Argument against Gay Marriage: "Garry Burns". Then all he Queers who know who and what Garry is - instantly go silent... NO NO NO the gays say to themselves Garry doesn't speak for us PLEASE DON'T SAY ANY MORE about him. We can't even hear it - we wont even reply because then you'll talk about Garry more and his connections to Clover Soon to be No Moore, and of course we conceed the boylover destroys the case Gay Marriage just by existing.

Those two words is all it takes to defeat a Gay Marriage activist supporting Gay Marriage in Australia. Instant silence creating argument winner against Gay Marriage that ends the debate and ends Gay Marriage in one fell swoop. A name "Garry Burns" formally known by fake alias "Gary Burns" real name "Garry Richard Burns", and a room full of queers will go silent and wispier, or ask "what's he done this time?" like Garry knows they really do.

They all know what he is and how much damage the boylover does to their movement. Secretly Christians, conservatives and the like are cheering Garry on to be himself and expose how corrupt the system is so we can bring it all down and build a better one. Clover Moore's own staffer will bring down her 1993 Amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act and she'll be long remembered for her close associations to the boylover exposed on the most popular post on this blog.

He could never teach in school with the dirt we have on him now, not because he's gay but he's a proven Hetti Johnston QLD of the Year 2015 Confirmed Pedophile Suspect after the Sparkles The Pony Incident, even before we got the teen-rent-boy-ass-prostitute negotiations incident where he gives up his address to gay teen prostitutes but can't even tell the ADB where he lives.

Garry's up to no good with his 5th and 6th complaint against my father that is so bloody laughable that I can't stop laughing. Elizabeth Wing - acting head after the president and his whole board got fired for the calamity that was my dad's lawsuit has rubber stamped her last youngboyanalover complaint. Garry Accused John Sunol of writing my post to the police as well as my father, and both are facing ADB complaints directed at them for the singular post I wrote.

It's equivalent to case of two people being charged for the same murder whilst both being in different countries at the same time. It clearly makes no friggen sense.

She's going to find herself sacked and just like the whole board. 

My father was in Vietnam when the posts were wrote (COMPLETELY BY ME - I have the drafts before publication and the edits as I went along). I wonder what the Vietnamese Authorities will do when they realize a foreign government has repeatedly ordered people living in their jurisdiction using their telecommunication services in their realm not to dissent against pedophilia - and done extra-judicial prosecutions without informing Vietnam. 

My father informed GayPed Little Posh Boy Kudos Society Dead Language (Latin/Ancient Greek) Tutor Gay Judge Wakefield he was in Vietnam (and showed him the plane tickets) yet the prosecution continues even though there is no jurisdictional standing for the case to continue - for the crime of not vilifying Garry Burns himself - but vilifying Mark Netwon and Peter Truong (Vietnamese citizen first and foremost) hardcore baby anal rapists and bringing up some government statistics about the connection with being homosexual and increased chance to do child sexual abuse, that Garry Burns has argued in court must not be mentioned and needs Australian citizen's respect those who are more likely to rape children, and of course those who actually did it (Newton and Truong). Does Garry Burns speak for All Australians when he argues those who anal rape Russian Infants on illegally obtained Australian passports (gov broke law not to do DNA test, and the Australian government is therefore the man facilitator of all the boy/infant rape that occurred outside Russia) when he says these men must be respected by virtue of not being vilified? And if Garry Burns wins against my father like he won the same argument as Sunol Garry Burns profits from Mark Newton and Peter Truong's gay anal baby rape, and my father in turn not respecting their actions like all good gay pedophile Australian citizens, as all ADB fines goes to the proxy applicant of the ADB.

Garry also extorts money using a power he has to drop a complaint the ADB has spent taxpayers dollars processing under the anti-discrimination act if he gets a secret out of course extortion cash pay-out into his St George Bank account. And the Anti-Discrimination board president of course is told why the matter is cancelled, the extortion operation was successfully earlier than expected and doesn't have to go to NCAT. Garry I'm proud you did criminal extortion rather than seek a court settlement. He sends out form letters demanding between 10k and 100k for each complaint saying he'll do this if the price is right. What price would you pay to make an infant sex normalization activist go away, and not get more gay baby rape love [case]law on the books? Any price is too high for that.


Withdrawal of consent for complaint

88C Withdrawal of consent for complaint

(1) If a complaint has been made on a person’s behalf with the person’s consent, the person may withdraw the consent:
(a) by notice in writing to the President, at any time before the complaint is declined, terminated or otherwise resolved by the President, or referred to the Tribunal, or
(b) by notice in writing to the Tribunal, at any time before the complaint is dismissed, or found to be substantiated, by the Tribunal.

(2) If a consent is withdrawn, the President or the Tribunal may make such arrangements as the President or the Tribunal, as the case requires, thinks appropriate for the further management of the complaint.

You should see how regularly the ADB and Garry communicate from the leaked emails. I found a whole bunch of new victims to ad to the cabal. Should Garry Burns be charged for profiting from gay dads baby rape criminal acts (and dissent against them) of he wins? That's proceeds from a crime right there!

Watched the documentaries that premiered in the Kremlin yet called SODOM? You should, I'm sure you'll find it on this blog if you find the most popular post ever posted here. The Ruski's are not happy about the Australian Government breaking it's own laws / DNA test safeguards to facilitate human trafficking and gay baby rape their nationals - being their infants, and whilst it was going on have the baby rapists "gay dads" praised on Australian state media here: http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne

Garry's recent claim that my father did my handiwork on this blog is based on this flawed logic. His argument to sue my father for my writing is as follows:
If you say a faggot "can sue you me or anyone else" the opening line of this blog post - the me in that sentence means my father wrote it. I was thinking of writing Garry could sue any tom dick or harry, but what I chose to write what I wrote because it had a better ring to it. Notice I Luke McKee wrote that. I'm so proud that Garry is so desperate and so stupid with his vexatious complaints to blame my father for my writing. My post must have really been out of character a stella effort on my part seeing 5000 people read it in the first week, and the gay pedo police did a raid on Sunol saying YOU MUST NOT CRITICIZE GAY MEN BREAKING IMMIGRATION LAW, OR SENDING THEIR COCK PICTURES (which we published in the comments as payback for the police raid) to underage child prostitutes. CHILD GROOMING IS GOOD DONT GET IN THE ROAD The Newcastle Dectives Said on tape. Maybe later I'll go to all the police forums and share their ERISP interview of them reading the offending text and see what the world police agencies think of NSW GLLO Gay Police's love of child sex? You must not oppose that or you could be arrested. Well John Sunol didn't get arrested, and the police made false threats, as they had now power to directly enforce anti-discrimination law, much like the Rainbow labor and Shoebridge (pedo who goes into Court with Garry Nov 10 2015) wanted. So the police ruled in that John Sunol raid incident that Luke McKee wrote the post, but Elizabeth Wing ruled it was John Sunol in accepting Garry Burns complaint. Who is right? The Newcastle dyke cop squad (GLLOs) or the dyke ACTING commander in Chief of the ADB? Because they both can't be. Only one person wrote and published the thing, contary to the boylover's fantasies. And only two countries were involved in the publication of it on the internet, and none of them were Australia.

It was my unique brainstorming event that suggested we in NSW should change the definition of a homosexual so homosexuality under the Anti-Discrimination act's definition (that doesn't exist now and is circular) can not include anyone who has or wants to or suspected of abusing children, to fit Garry's argument that gays can never be pedophiles, which in turn contrary to what Ginger Goreman who interviewed Mark Newton and Peter Truong said herself that she can be as exposed on this blog. A ABC Journalist said GAYS CAN BE PEDOPHILES AND THEY ARE FUCKEN EVIL! Why hasn't Garry sued the ABC yet for saying that - including Ginger Gorman who interviewed those in his circle of friends who raped babies.

Then when this definition change to the Anti-Discrimination act Garry won't be able to lodge any more complaints at all and all his case law would be destroyed, just by changing the law that homosexuality can never inclusive of traits of pedophilia! The beauty of this it was Garry's own idea - was the key to his defeat in my eyes.

Homosexuals who are also pedophiles - if they are vilified or their proxy litigant is a pedo (@garryburnsblog) no litigation can occur. This would put a stop to pedophiles like Garry sueing and arguing in court that somehow the reputation of a child rapist somehow being tarnish, and amends need to be made to him personally for insulting his gay child fucking mates like Mark Newton and Peter Truong through NSW Anti-Discrimination Act proceedings.

That's right he's seeking personal awards of damages because the honor of a 3rd party convicted self-declared gay pedophiles who raped babies were somehow being tarnished.

AND WHAT'S MORE FUCKEN INSANE HE WON THE ARGUEMENT IN THE JOHN SUNOL VS GARRY BURNS JUNE 25th DECISION. Then he complains against the father of the guy who exposed his great victory for boy anal sex normalization against John Sunol HERE:

That's my creative idea right there, and Garry pins it on my dad. Sorry I take credit for my own work buddy. But with David Shoebridge going into court with the boylover Nov 10 2015, the Greens of course would be against changing the legislation to reflect homosexuality can't be inclusive of pedophilia, because of course Garry Burns an NCAT case law confirmed homosexual AND is a pedophile [suspect in a very big way]. And the Greens support a pedophile by going to court to give emotional support to a pedophile in court trying to normalize pedophila. I think the day David Shoebridge MP went to court with Garry Burns they were talking about John Sunol doing the crime of linking to the post on Christopher Kent Bowersox, the gay child raping pedo cop who stopped me seeing my first born.

"So Garry COULD sue YOU (the reader) ME the (writer) or anyone else" somehow means my dad wrote my handiwork. I'm confused with Garry's argument where he claims to be in my bedroom with a gods eye view over my shoulder (scary) claiming to know when I cut and paste text.

Garry has sued me, lodged false police complaints and lodged complaints for my writing deliberately mis-directed at at other people my allies, so he has lodged false ADB complaints against ME by proxy - both even before my father was every boylover sued after my father criticized his androgenic transvestite top cop mate Catherine Burns on my YouTube channel. to protect Catherine Judith Burns, in fact my first arrest warrant in exile is yet another boylover fabrication. Seeing Garry Burns and the ADB are going down so hard, I'm happy is making the NSW Police chance of extraditing me go down the toilet too considering their first arrest warrant against me was lodged under a FAKE NAME "Gary Burns" not Garry Richard Burns the real name that was in the COPS computer system since the 90's when he was arrested for hetro-phobic-hate-crimes against police (NSW Supreme Court #77 Year 2000 Burns Seagrave & Anor) and the cops top barrister said he was a complete raving nutter at the inquest - before Catherine Burns head of NSW Police Couterterrrorism made the young boy anal sex normalization activist sick faggot oxygen theif her best penpal. That's right - my first arrest warrant fabricated by the gay child sex police and their stooges has the name "Gary Burns" whoever the fuck that is on it. Who is Garry Burns? Is it that same guy who had to change his blog's domain name and twitter account recently, but had never legally changed his name? Can any other pedophile or criminal have the same power to use a fake name in criminal / legal proceedings? This is all odd isn't it? Why is the boylover so special? That's why I gave him a special title - the boylover because boy he's earned it.


Like he's going to win that argument in a court of law. "Me" doesn't mean Luke McKee the first person in the McKee family Garry Burns lodged formal complaints at and started stalking online since 2010..... Because Garry implies he's only sued Geoff McKee and not his son. We'll take that to NCAT you stupid faggot and we'll bring up your false statements to police debunked by Facebook screenshots you made in 2010. Lovely. 

No I dive any deeper into his madness and flawed logic. The "You me and everyone else" phrase is just a long fancy way of saying EVERYBODY - And Nobody - NOBODY IS SAFE FROM THE BOYLOVER CHILD RAPING FAGGOTS VEXTATIOUS LAWSUITS. He goes on holiday's around the world from his regular 10k extortion request and get's the dole because the ADB lawsuit payouts are tax free- that's what I was writing when I wrote that phrase he cherry picked and gave to the ADB as proof of something. 

You know Garry's 2nd complaint against my father (victimization) was debunked by DATES on GARRY'S OWN SUBMISSION showing my father was CRITISINNG GARRY BURNS TO JOHN LAWS BEFORE HE LODGED HIS FIRST COMPLAINT about his causes post vilifying Mark Newton and Peter Truong baby anal rapists, and even the ADB PEDO DYKES had to knock him back. The 3rd complaint can't even be FOI'ed it's an ADB STATE SECRET OF STUPIDITY.  And the 4th complaint is saying you are not allowed to say Garry Burns frequents public toilet gay public sex crime hotspots known as "beats" in a radio interview because he says on the complaint form that's not true. TAKE THE 4TH COMPLAINT TO NCAT MY BITCH GARRY. No he wont because then he'll be done for perjury because he's already testified under oath in the local court giving evidence in a Parliamentary inquest he does gay public sex crimes like the pervert he is. Source: Sydney Star Observer - gay newspaper.

The 5th and 6th against my father are right up there I swear, and then he complained to the ADB/Police and Said John Sunol wrote it and both parties approved that complaint too. It's a big case of who did it? And the Elephant in the room is ME! I WROTE THE MOST POPULAR POST ON JOHNS BLOG YOU STUPID ADB PEDO SCUM MORONS.

I'm sitting pretty baby!
I can sit back now, enjoy the good life and make some money now as I watch 3.5% of the Queensland electorate who voted for Gaynor, and those who voted for now defunct-ALA in NSW absolutely rip Garry Burns pedophilia normalization cult the ADB started by satanists to threads. Finally the Parliamentary Inquiry is coming into view. A new world order with homo-fascists not at the healm is coming. With the rise of Trump can you all feel it? Hillary is facing charges today, that's the other reason why I felt like celebrating and going on a rant.

The powers that be can't let the boylover be breathing before he's summed / escorted into the Parliament building with mr Luke McKee watching the webcast giggling all the way probably knowing what half the questions are in advance for the Parliamentary Inquiry into the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board's criminal extortion racket. But alas, the powers that be can't let that happen. If Garry's anti-discrimination pedophilia normalization case law is to live, very soon he must die.
(This is not serious homosexual vilification. I am not suggesting or motivating anyone to kill him, but his own associates who are involved in his criminal activity. Garry Burns I argue must as much as I hate him be given witness protection so to reduce his sentence, be given an opportunity to take down as many bastards with him. Alas the "accident" in the bath house shower is his most likely untimely end as the Parliamentary Inquiry draws closer. Everyone knows I want to wreak as much havoc to the ADB's massive pro-pedophilia extortion racket as anyone else who isn't a queer pedophile or rainbow labor voter)

 I want both of them gone, so I don't favor his death soon. Sources say he has already been dropped by the Police and even Catherine Burn's is finding him too hot to handle now. And with the blackmail / corruption Garry knows about with his pedophilia connection that's a liability that needs to be eliminated just like Frank Arkell my former Lord Mayor. And to think I was stupid enough to vote for the former closet gay wife dying of cancer gay cheating Police Minister from Wollongong too in my first ballot cast, who was arrested at a gay sex club and helped screw me over with 60C NSW Crimes Act. Yes the guy in this video who goes to the KKK club with NSW Police FOI criminal faggot I kicked of twitter who likes young Japanese boys, and doing public sex in Sydney's Parks Richard M Hanson (hans2ric@police.nsw.gov.au)

Also the sentence falsely attributed to my father had the word COULD doesn't mean HAS. It's a fucken Grammar fail right there. Garry COULD sue you me or anyone else, not HAS ACTUALLY ALREADY SUED - therefore the author has to have been sued by Garry Burns.
Elizabeth Wing the dyke pedo lover and supporter of the boylover Garry Burns has just failed at English rubber-stamping the 5th and 6th vexatious complaint against my father. And that's coming from me, who's littery skills could never be mistaken for my father's who's a professor who wrote courses for the UNSW - these same university where the gay pedo judge Alexander [John Fake name used in Court] Wakefield works. What an epic fail trying to pin my own handiwork in my father who clearly has more finesse. And then Rubber stamp it proving you can't even understand the English Language. I mean they also say you can't qualify a noun with an adjective if the adjective is gay and the noun is pedophile. Someone is gay if they say they are, according to the ADB's rulings that they are satisfied Garry Burns is "gay" even though our research his sexual advances have only been made to very young teenagers (pederast) just because he says he's is. So if for example Mark Newton or Peter Truong say I am gay, and well are convcited pedophiles, you can't call them gay pedophiles, because Garry has made a LEGAL FICTION that you can't be gay and a pedophile. So if you say "I am gay", and then rape a kid, you are not a pedophile according to Garry, because gay pedophiles don't exist and can't exist by law - (which of course negates the ENGLISH F#$@#$ LANGUAGE WHAT A JOKE). So where does Peter Truong fit in? Oh it's a crime to use the English language properly and use two adjectives that are applicable to qualify a noun to describe him. And here we have the example that the ADB pedo dykes are enforcing CULTURAL MARXISM to control the use of the English Language putting political correctness in speech as a rule before BASIC GRAMMAR.

It's almost as insane as Martin Delaney saying if you say "Messing with [Traditional] Marriage is messing with kids" always means hard core gay on child anal rape in his submission to the Tasmanian anti-discrimination board to try and ask Catholic Schools in a settlement to teach safe gay anal sex education to Christian's kids in the requested settlement. And like the whole internet (Great Mind Thinks alike) goes WTF Only a gay pedophile or at least be gay with pedophile friends kiddy raping gay identifying friends like the head of Latrobe's safe school program Gary Dowsett writes about having in his paper Boiled Lollies and Band Aids could come to conclusion and even pick up the pedo slang for little boy rape. I didn't know that phrase could absolutely mean boy rape in some circles until the pedo Mr Martin Delaney a Greens Candidate who dresses like a woman told us. 
http://newsweekly.com.au/article.php?id=57194 (talks about secret gay pedophilia code words known by Mr Martine Delaney)

'Messing with kids' is generally used... as code for sexual abuse or paedophilia.
Federal Greens candidate Martine Delaney

^^^ Cut and Paste from the ABC - Most people don't know that only pedophiles know that code word - or it wouldn't be a code word ^^
3. The children of same-sex couples are not healthy or virtuous
The booklet states marriage is “the nursery of healthy, well rounded virtuous citizens” (p10). It also says allowing same-sex couples to marry (which in the view of the booklet is synonymous with us having children) will “mess with kids” and “hurt” young people (p13).

It appears to base this claim on the dubious (and grammatically incorrect) statement that “there are countless reliable studies that suggest that mothers and fathers enhance – and their absence impede – child development in different ways” (p13).

These statements are offensive, humiliating and insulting to the children of same-sex couples, because together they say these children are not as healthy, virtuous or as well developed as other children, simply because of the gender of their parents.

Further, use of the phrase “messing with kids” is incredibly offensive. The booklet clearly states it is intended for all Australians. And, right across Australian society, this phrase, “messing with kids”, is commonly used to discuss and imply the sexual abuse of children. Its use here appears to be an insidious attempt to offend, humiliate and insult the standing of all same-sex couples raising children.

And in Tasmania?
Well, a Tasmaniac, transgender activist and, wouldn’t you know it, Green Party politician, wants the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to publicly apologise for distributing a booklet which sets out the Catholic Churches position on same sex marriage.
Martine Delaney (there is a sour Catholic in her background with a name like that) also said she wanted the entire Catholic Church in Tasmania to implement a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex awareness program for all staff and students within the Catholic education system.
Doesn’t want much, does she?
The Church stated that since every child had a biological mother and father, therefore messing with marriage was “messing with kids”.
“Ah,” shrieked Martine, “Messing with kids is” (in her circles anyway apparently) a code phrase for sexual abuse and paedophilia. Or something. Anyway it is discrimination. Or something.
In Tasmania, the booklet went out to churches and was sent home in sealed envelopes with children at Catholic schools.
In it Church argues it is ‘gravely unjust’ to:
– Legitimise the false assertion that there is nothing distinctive about a man and a woman, a father or a mother
– Ignore the particular values that real marriage serves
– Ignore the importance for children of having, as far as possible, a mum and a dad, committed to them and to each other for the long haul
This is what Australia has come to. A Church cannot tell its adherents what its doctrine is, a federal Minister shuts up a speaker who is against abortion, a federal Minister does his damndest to shut up someone because he might say something that offends Muslims.
This is not what free-speech Australia is coming to. It is what Australia is now.
We hardly noticed it happening.

The reason why the Messing with KIDS secret gay pedophile code phrase was added by Mr Martine Delaney obviously with access to these pedophile circles and their code phrases was so they could say the Catholic Church somehow implied that gays abuse kids (no shit Sherlock, along with a bunch of gays who joined the Catholic church because 1960s-1970s heterosexual conservative society offered them no "safe space" and trusted access to young choir-boys).

The only case law about that topic (edicts that proclaim that gay pedophiles must be respected) in Australia from the BOYLOVER Garry Burns himself. This "messing with kids" issue was tacked onto the Tasmanian ADB complaint so the boylover's NSW case law could be introduced into Catholic Church's homosexual vilification case the case by his FORMER HANDLER and boss PILCH/PIAC.ASN.AU's former Boss/ current Tasmanian Discrimination Board Comissioner Robyn Banks that BANKROLLED GARRY BURNS AND GOT HIM STARTED WITH ALL OF HIS FIRST LAWSUITS.


She wanted to use the boylover's case law against Sunol she and others she helped create, and use it against the Catholic Church, proving that John Sunol was used as a pastie that can't defend himself in court due to his brain injury from a motor-vehicular accident to generate fabricated case law to use against the big fish in their ideological war against the family unit.

When her apprehended bias and mishandling of the case - and her links to the pedophile Garry Burns were exposed by my research and handed over to the Catholic Arch-Diocese in Hobart, the Pedo Greens Party who sends David Shoebridge MP into court beside Garry on Nov 10 2015 dropped the case like a hot potato. It was too late, the damage was done, and the Tasmanian ADB is on the rocks.

And as we exposed here, PIAC funded Garry Burns against everyone up to 2010, including Sunol, Sam Newman / Laws / 2UE in Multiple jurisdictions, never accepting defeat - and appeal after appeal sometimes lasting for 10 years including - you guessed it TASMANIA since 2006, even before Garry took over from Henry Collier who died from AIDS. It's funny the messing with Kids claim wasn't added until just before the complaint was lodged in the anti-discrimination board. Rodney Croome's the boylover's Facebook friend and head of Australian Marriage Equality until he quit - because he hates democracy and a plebiscite - analysis of what the Catholic church did wrong with their booklet didn't even pick it up the messing with kids line.

PIAC/PILCH (aka JusticeConnect) have also argued two gay men may walking into a church building that has a Christian adoption agency and scream, WE DO ANAL SEX, LOVE IS LOVE, GIVE US BABY FLESH NOW YOU CHRISTIAN BIGOTS must be accommodated immediately OR ELSE this happens:
http://www.piac.asn.au/legal-help/public-interest-cases/same-sex-discrimination-ov-ow/same-sex-discrimination-ov-ow The case dragged on for 8 years until Nancy Henessy herself ruled that the church has the right to discriminate against LEGALLY UNMARRIED COUPLES demanding free babies from Christians. As a consequence of Gay Marrriage becoming legal, or Christian adoption agencies must shut down, or hand give first pick of all babies to those who are the only ones who get free lawsuits and can sue right away for not getting what they want right away - who also will probably leave all the dirty nappies rotting all over their house like their shit stained butt-plugs. By law the needs of the penis in butt-shit rubbers must be put above the needs to the children to have the best childhood and a normal life. That is the law of the land now in Australia.

UPDATE: As a result of this court case and gregarious wrongdoing act of religious persecution for 8 years put forward by the taxpayer funded PIAC with the now Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination board Dyke Feminist Robyn Banks boylover associate at the helm the law was changed in state parliament to stop gays demanding Christians give them free baby flesh!



Adoption services

59A Adoption services

(1) Nothing in Part 3A or 4C affects any policy or practice of a faith-based organisation concerning the provision of adoption services under the Adoption Act 2000 or anything done to give effect to any such policy or practice.
Note : Section 8 (1) (a) of the Adoption Act 2000 requires decision makers to follow the principle that, in making a decision about the adoption of a child, the best interests of the child, both in childhood and in later life, must be the paramount consideration.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to discrimination against any child who is or may be adopted.

(3) In this section, 
"faith-based organisation" means an organisation that is established or controlled by a religious organisation and that is accredited under the Adoption Act 2000 to provide adoption services.
But this year (2016) the gay peds are complaining no free baby flesh, we need to appeal this amendment made in 2010. It's wrong they say wrong! Every gay man needs his free Christian supplied baby! Wrong I tell you! BULLSHIT MATE!
The law was only made in the first place because of religious persecution by taxpayer funded dykes who got the boylover started.
And it turns out Alistair is complaining about a hard core dyke Penny Wong (associate of Garry Burns - presented him his Gloria Award at NSW Parliament House) who introduced that legislation 59A herself as a concession into the Anti-Discrimination act 1977 in order to get an same sex adoption bill passed. You see the queers are never happy just adopting someone-elses kid, they have to take it from a Christian who will be morally traumatized if they are forced to give the gay man the first pick of the litter of children they have a duty of care for, as only the gay person gets free taxpayer funded homosexual discrimination litigation services.

In the original complaint from Rodney Croome against all Catholic Bishops in Australia you'll notice something interesting.
http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/2015/06/24/media-release-church-school-marriage-booklet-likely-violates-anti-bias-law/ See no mention of the Tasmanian gays being offended by the "messing with kids line" when the story broke.

It was likely Robyn Banks reliving her glory days with the boylover Burns @PIACNews and wanting and hoping to send some NSW Boylover Case Law Down South to Tasmania and the Catholic's down there.

I wonder why the complaint was embellished with that pedophilia code phrase that somehow all Australian's are meant to know (at least all Australian's queers are on first name basises with) but don't. (We'll not yet, we all haven't been converted into rainbow labor voting sodomite pedophiles just yet....)

Boom what did this research lead to?

After accepting the complaint has merit to go forwards, oops it's now not in the public interest because I, Robyn Banks Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner might be publicly exposed with my links to the pedophile Garry Burns and coaching the applicant to embellish the complaint with some new details that outs the applicant as a pedophile suspect or those in the gay lobby that helped him write the complaint published by Australian Marriage Equality in their press release even before the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination board accepted the complaint.

And all over the internet Australian Marriage Equality and radical extremist confirmed lesbian feminists like Robyn Banks who just like "Stephan The Lesbian" says men and women doesn't exist, say how dare the Catholic Church to be permitted to use secret occult pedophile code phrases "messing with kids" that imply gay child rape is going on - the so called "hate speech". I think this so called "hate speech" on behalf of the Catholic bishops is very clever because it clearly goes over the head of an ordinary Australian and only hit's home with gay pedophile who knows all the pedophile lingo, that's a prerequisite to be offended by the Church's "messing with kids" comment. I call it beautiful "hate speech" because it's so targeted and ingenious, but I am left wondering how the Catholic church knew these pedophile code phrases that strike a sore never with lesbian dyke feminists at the Tasmanian ADB and gay activists so much.
Robyn Banks, has my haircut only shorter. It's now safe to say the only other state with Homosexual Vilification provisions under their anti-discrimination act to ensure boylovers are accepted and loved by society, has you guessed it, a dyke radical feminist Garry Burns boy-lover affiliated filthy pederast enabler at the helm, just like the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

A normal person knows the word 'messing' is so vague, it could mean anything. Since when does the phrase 'Are you messing with me?' mean 'oh shit you just child raped my arse'. Clearly Mr Martine Delaney's claims that every "ordinary Australian" would come to that conclusion in his Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination board application is false, unless he assumes every ordinary Australian is in the pedophile community like him use pedophilia idiom code words more than ordinary English.

You can mess with a kid by taking their candy or a toy balloon or something. No gay child rape there right? In fact seeing Garry established in case law it's a crime to criticize those who rape children if they say the magic stop the dissent of rape critics words "I am gay" before the infant rape on a national TV network, that's the only reason why the "messing with marriage messing with kids" = "hard core gay child sex" argument was added by Garry's close (& confirmed Facebook friend) Rodney Croome who quarterbacked the litigation of the Catholic Church added that 6 months after the gays first started complaining about the Catholic Church dare supporting traditional marriage and telling school children about it.

Now the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Board is being shut down right now by Parliament Inquiry like the NSW one will too soon for over-reaching and trying to include boylover case law in their most recent failed litigation of every Catholic bishop in the country.

The actual lawsuit against the Catholic Church was dropped because I informed the Tasmanian Arch-Diocese that the head of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Board was none other than Garry Burns own legal aid outfit head of PILCH when he was extorting money from Jeff Kennet and give money to go to a gay rent boy ass prostitute dorm called twenty10 that George Christensen MP called a Sadomasochistic gay child sex cult in Federal Parliament.  The whole Twenty10/PILCH/PIAC/Garry Burns/ADB/Beyond Blue corruption saga will be exposed in graphic detail in a future post, that makes Robyn Banks a very compromised individual and her days are numbered too. I have been in contact with victims of the Tasmanian ADB's vexatious lawsuits, also involving gay police operations, and again that's something else I'm able to write about in the coming moths. Rodney Croome, a Garry Burns Boylover Facebook / Real life associate and his gang in Tasmania are just as corrupt and just as ruthless as Garry. They even work to double-sue in multiple jurisdictions for the same offense as I exposed earlier on this blog.

I'm glad Federal MP's in QLD are catching up to US - I was onto Twenty10 since 2007 since it was linked to the gay pedo police dyke cop Kate Howe that arrested me in 2007 and lost in court then.
(see Garry Burns commenting on his own case law nearly being used in the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Board taking on the Catholic Church, only to have a Parliamentary Inquiry to put them out of business, leaving Rodney Croome to cry a river all day in his Australian Marriage Equality press releases. Rodney Croome can't and Mr Martin Delaney can't say why they really drop the case other than "public interest" because they were about to loose the whole Tasmanian ADB, if it came out with the Catholic's top lawyers arguing the head of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination board sent taxpayers funds to sue John Sunol in Garry's first extortion racket against him (Collier vs Sunol) and others including the Jeff Kennett Twenty10 gay-rent-boy-extortion operation.

My research had compromised the whole ADB and they were not prepared to go all in on that case with boylover links.  Does the NSW ADB know when to hold them and know when fold em like their Tasmanian counterparts?  I think not. The Boylovers' dyke pedo staffed ADB in NSW isn't that smart as the hairy bush at the bottom end of Australia - that's why they are going to fall oh so much more harder in NSW than in Tasmania. )

And I hope is Garry's latest complaints against my father number 5 & 6 gets forwarded to NCAT so we can make a massive mockery of it. We have the legal argument to find the ADB and potentially it's staff legally and possibly criminally culpable for damages.

I doubt Garry actually thinks my father could of done my hard core in your face offensive blog writing opposing the ADB that Luke McKee and only Luke McKee is known for (Gaynor comes a close second).

To be honest you can tell my writing style is always a mile apart from my fathers, and then there is the fact that I wrote it all by myself and he complained about some things in it asking me to censor after I wrote in favor of the gay police, that I instead just toned down a little. See so if you are even related to someone who is critical of gays EVIL ADB PEDO FAGGOTS WILL ATTACK YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. Garry has got corrupt NCAT pedos to put up pictures of my mother yet he can't even show in case law what was right next to that picture he cropped out in photo-shop giving false evidence to the court - my the youtube video about Mark Newton and Peter Truong jailed gay dads baby rapists saying in their own voices it's homophobic for Russian security services to have questioned them and delayed the first leg of their 30 country gay marriage activist INFANT ANAL RAPE tour (aka http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne). Even Wakefield accepted the video my father linked to (Garry perjured himself and said he never watched or it wasn't the first post my dad put up with the text he didn't' like either) was relevant in court proceedings of all people and Garry had to sit back and listen to the gay men praised by Garry's own Facebook friends before their arrest (Gay Dads Australia Rodney Chiang Cruise) say for 30 mins it's homophobic to oppose them getting little boys with the assistance of corrupt Australian immigration officers breaking our own laws to facilitate that little boys rape in 30 countries filling two Australian passports with stamps.

Again just like we hear with the horse that was nearly gay donkey raped, it's homophobic to oppose gay animal or gay baby rape now? What madness! Gays are wonderful - even when they rape is the message from the ADB, Garry and found by chance only today from the MSM too (Mainstream *but not really* media).

 Garry is just tip of the spear - his activism is now becoming mainstream now we see the news articles popping up supporting his love of gay rape cause I don't even go looking for.

And if you think I'm bad...
Bernard Gaynor is tearing the ADB a new one, and it's really going off on his Facebook and out of respect to Bernard Gaynor I haven't joined the party because it would stand out a mile away. 150 comments per post ripping the ADB to shreds.

No wonder they are spending NSW taxpayers dollars and "resources" as they put it keeping an eye of those evil people outside the child sex loving gulag known as NSW across the No-Mans-Land border - in a territory they have laid claim to. Bernard Gaynor will win a massive victory for State's Rights in Australia and put the ADB pedo scum in their place, back in their own gulag until NSW has a revolution that comes. Bring on the battles. There is lot more to come.

Now at long last for the appendixes to this post to back up hit's catchy headline

Hey’ve been consigned to fancy dress and blockbuster films in recent years – but pirates could be about to join mainstream politics.
Iceland is bracing itself for a radical change in policy by electing a bunch of pirates.
John Rees-Evans.jpg Ukip candidate apologises for saying a gay donkey raped his horse - it was banterUKIP leadership candidate says story about gay donkey raping his horse was ‘banter’
Shiver me timbers.
The Icelandic Pirate Party is a protest party advocating government transparency and direct democracy, rather than traversing the high seas and drinking rum.
And they have a real shot of seizing power – with a recent poll finding the pirates will earn the biggest slice of the vote at next weekend’s parliamentary elections.

Wait, what?

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is gunning for glory with the Pirate Party (Picture: Getty)

It may sound crazy, but there is a chance Iceland could soon be ruled by Ass Pirates.

He witnessed horrible events involving a gay donkey, allegedly (Picture Daily Politics)

A UKIP candidate who is now standing for party leader has said that a story about a gay donkey raping his horse was just ‘banter’.
John Rees-Evans made the claim about the homosexual donkey in 2014 – with a very vivid tale of him battling to save his horse’s rear virginity.
Rees-Evans announced that he was standing for party leadership – and immediately had to deal with ‘Gay donkey’-gate head on.
He said in an interview with Daily Politics, ‘It was a bit of playful banter with a mischievous activist.

‘It was a mistake to be playful. It was very early and the guy was just asking me questions in the street.’
The donkey comments came as Rees-Evans was asked to respond to controversial comments from other Ukip party members.
Rees-Evans replied: ‘Actually, I’ve witnessed that, I’ve got a horse and it was there in the field.
‘And a donkey came up…which was male, and I’m afraid tried to rape my horse.’

Here's some background link on Andrew McPherson,

Fighting for all gay pedophile mac users, and terrorists who left their iphones in the custody of the FBI:

Oh he's a self-declared cryptographer. Maybe he uses LUKS with plausable deniability to hide his gay child porn stash. That makes him a "cryptographer". Try hacking the NSW Election Comission and get back to me like I and the EFA.org.au did and get back to me.

It all started when I thought the Pirate Party was on the side of internet freedom, faggot pedophiles  (Garry) censoring people taking screenshots of their social media death threats with DMCA notices, and the ADB ruling it's a crime to like/link to a post that's critical of Gay Marriage activists who rape infants. Well I called them up a day after my email and I found out first hand, they are clearly on the dark side - against internet freedom and on the side of pedophiles.

ndrew McPherson andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz

to meDavidGeoffreyJohnJosephpresscampaignscjacobsmediamediamediaRuthPersonalcontactmembershipvictimsofgaybu.
Luke, there is medication that can help you with your issues.
Please take the sanity pills and don't send everyone your delusions about yourself to the rest of the world.

Excuse me if I say that you don't need to give mental patients such a bad name.

On 11 September 2014 16:34, Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com> wrote:

David W Campbell,
The Pirate Party of Australia Media spokesperson:
(namesake of the gay closet NSW Police minister who lead me to be come a bit.ly/ausrefugee @UNHCR Certified political refugee from Australia),

So you and the pirate party support people being jailed for pressing the like button or linking to another page only on the internet?
 Look I'm not suprised I sussed you out on the phone and knew you were a bunch of militant fags last year. Because this is exactly what is going to become LAW if you don't get involved and stop @garyburnsblog vs @sunolJohn at @NCATNSW court NEXT MONTH! All the information was supplied to you, but you clearly have put your queer agenda ABOVE the stated objectives of the pirate party. If you don't apologize I will publish this email to expose you for what you are in 24 hours.
Remember who lawfully hacked the NSW Election comission and know where all you pricks live! @ZDNet gave press to anonymous when they faked it, but when I do it for real I get nothing. No fair!
http://tinyurl.com/strathfield (youtube) or see here

The rest of the Pirate Party Movement. Here's what the man who is being prosecuted for merely linking to my now defunct UK @gaydads deleted (pay off) blog said...

On 9 September 2014 12:00, John Christopher sunol <johnsunol2@gmail.com> wrote:
Luke, We need to expose Gary Burns as soon as possible as I believe him to be very corrupt. Also Geoff, I can not phone you as I beleive that my mobile3 has been tapped into by my enemies. Email me personally \nd see if this works, your john

I also need to get some of the media as well as many supporters who are anti Garry Burns to come to my case on October 7th as this will surely piss Garry Burns off. If this goes public and this is on Lukes Material so you have a chance Luke to spread your material on Garry Burns with corruption in the NSW police force very far. I can not help it if I am in the media I will handle this, as I know I might have to do that



NB: Geoff, someone I think has taped my phone as I can not get to you now on my mobile so if you need me, phone on the home phone or email me.\



Gary Burn's is trying to set a legal precident in @NCATNSW it's a crime to link or press like on someone's blog. Tell me this doesn't affect internet freedom?
Talk to Gamckee.com my DAD who has the inside scoop and has published a dossier about the shocking legal significance of this for internet freedom world wide.
The NSW Police had 60 (1) of the crimes act deleted, and only Lee Rhiannon gay rights activist spoke against the law at it's inception. So to set up a legal precident and keep the policitians muzzled, only gay cops used the law... NOW HERE WE GO AGAIN!
My father has also put his submission on scribd. You can view it here:



On 11 September 2014 11:00, David W. Campbell <david.campbell@pirateparty.org.au> wrote:
Remove all @pirateparty.org.au addresses from your mailing list. We are not interested in your homophobic ad hominem fantasies.
(David censored the blog post he was sent to the email -it's about human trafficking of young children he supports!) Pirate Party - the gay child rape party? Yes? No?

Andrew McPherson andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz

to me
For reference : I can seek to have you imprisoned for 2 years, or a NZ$50,000 fine. 
If you have a business, I can seek a NZ$200,000 fine from your company.

On 6 July 2015 at 16:35, Andrew McPherson <andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz> wrote:
Dear troll, you haven't seen how much damages I can pursue you for under the HDC act.

On 6 July 2015 at 16:32, Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com> wrote:
i will so suck my balls.
and ill publish all your emails 

On 6 July 2015 at 11:12, Andrew McPherson <andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz> wrote:
If you make one more defamatory and libelous comment about me, I will seek action under the HDC act.

The kiddy fucker goes nuts against me exposing the ADB is destroying internet freedom and helping pedophiles, then does psychological projection against Me Luke McKee of his own pedophilic desires.

Andrew McPherson andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz

to meLukevictimsofgaybu.
Luke McKee, read this in full and do not reply.

Well I guess it is only fair to warn you that threatening someone on a Echelon watchlist of crypto developers will be monitored intensely.
You have threatened to assassinate me, and that has been recorded by the secret service.
You will be monitored for the rest of your life by big brother.

Congratulations, you have managed to get yourself on a permanent shitlist with the governments of the world.
The good news is : now that you are indeed a member of the watchlist, 
I can now confirm to you in confidence that there is a UN agreement between the security services on the monitoring of pedophiles as the interpol agreement on use of the internet as monitored by every participating intelligence service has agreed to share intel on pedophiles.

You can rest assured that this confidential agreement by all the world does discretely hand over the perverts as soon as they are detected by the intelligence agencies to the appropriate police force.

I would advise you not to republish this at all, or anywhere online.
However, if you do so, you will get onto a higher watchlist of shit-stirrers, which may cause trouble in future dealings with police and customs, etc.

Please do not contact me again, you do not need to go on a higher watchlist than you are on at the moment.
It is regrettable that I could not stop you from going onto the watchlist, but I do not work for the FVEY agencies that put you on the watchlist of individuals to monitor.

Finally read this email carefully before you delete it, it may save you trouble you can not see approaching. Take care, and good luck. You will need it.
Public Key as of 25/1/15, please use this to communicate securely.
Key ID 106A6B47

Version: Mailvelope 0.11.0
Comment: Email security by Mailvelope - https://www.mailvelope.com


Andrew McPherson andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz

to meGeoffreyJohn
Luke, if you'd just fuck off when politely asked to, you wouldn't be
in the shit you are in right now.
It's too bad for you that you have been under surveillance for some
months now, but you couldn't take a hint and get lost.

I would only say that the Thai Junta does not look kindly on those who
communicate excessively with foreign defence interests.
Here's a book to bone up on the topic, I read it when I was 8, it
should be about your reading age now.

Andrew McPherson andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz

to meGeoffreyWellingtonJohnmediamedia
Hello Luke, and idiot friends.
I'm already on a protected list of defence interests by the five eyes
spy agencies and other jurisdictions.
Every communication I have had in the last 15 years has been collected
by the GCSB, ASIO, GCHQ, DSD, NSA and various european spy agencies.
They will be happy to supply the full details of your hassling of a
defence technologies specialist.
You will find that you are on a special shitlist with the Thai
Military Junta for communicating with a person who may be actively
involved in international intrigue against certain governments.
You will definitely find that your complaints to local police will get
resolved by GCSB staff operating in the communications networks
infrastructure that works for the NZ police.
You will find that they don't give a shit what I do or say, so long as
the national secrets are not revealed.
I really think you have no clue what is going to happen to you now,
but it should be interesting.
Oh and I think you'll find that the secret service really has been fed
up with your bullshit for some months now.

I'd say take care, but someone is going to take care of you in a most
orwellian way very soon.

On 20 August 2015 at 21:17, Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com> wrote:
> I put on my blog thanks mate. I'll tell the NZ police about you. KNOCK KNOCK

> On 20 August 2015 at 16:08, Andrew McPherson <andrewmcp@pirateparty.org.nz>
> wrote:
>> You had better understand that Luke in no uncertain terms yes, I am a
>> seriously psychotic and violent individual.
>> If you ever come into the same nation as I am in at the time, you will
>> be smashed over like the last soldier I beat into a pulp.
>> As I have been well able to defeat trained combat engineers, a weak
>> little gay-bashing nazi like you will be well placed to receive the
>> boots of justice down your fucking scumbag throat, and I will pull
>> your teeth out with my rusty bottle-opener.
>> I will also be more than glad to invite some military personnel to
>> smash your mates over whenever you travel.
>> You forget that I have connections who have your mob on a terrorism
>> blacklist, and well that is just tough shit for you in Thailand right
>> now.
>> I will take great pleasure in detailing what my contacts are to do
>> when interrogating you about this political extremism you have engaged
>> in.
>> You have taken a great mistake in trying to contact me about your
>> bullshit, and you are a despicable little shithead who doesn't listen
>> or learn.
>> Perhaps the military police might be inclined to let you sleep for
>> more than ten minutes at a time, but frankly I wouldn't count on
>> getting any rest during your detention.
>> I also hear that you won't be getting much real food during the first
>> 3 days of your imprisonment, and it is likely to come dropped on the
>> floor when it does.
>> I hope you are faster than the rats at eating your daily meal.
>> Oh I should mention that I've taken the time and effort to ensure that
>> the military police will come for you when and where you least expect
>> them.
>> Did I mention that I am immensely vindictive against shitheads who annoy
>> me ?
>> I hope you appreciate that when you try to pay for your dentures after
>> my associates are done with you.
>> I have to say, it is rather good that you are in such a corrupt little
>> hellhole where the junta can be bought and sold.
>> Well, I did warn you not to contact me again about your bullshit, I
>> guess what happens next is a learning experience for you.
>> At least when are toothless, you will look the part of the redneck
>> fuckwit you are.
>> Oh, don't worry about what the military does with gummy prisoners,
>> it's not so bad I hear.
>> Goodbye, and maybe you'll regret that you didn't shut up and fuck off
>> when asked to do so.
>> On 13 August 2015 at 20:55, Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > yeah he's just an evil pychotic faggot stalker. He can go fuck off. If
>> > he
>> > emails me again I'll every cunt will know where he lives and nature will
>> > take it's course. He'll be wise and not email me again don't worry.
>> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> > From: John Christopher sunol <johnsunol2@gmail.com>
>> > Date: 12 August 2015 at 19:15
>> > Don't
>> > laugh it's Mainsteram news buddy
>> > To: Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com>
>> >
>> >
>> > this is the hate mail that came from Andrew McPherson
>> >
>> > This man is a nasty peice of living garbage and he is the sort of clowns
>> > that Garry gets around with. I would not write to him again, I would let
>> > him
>> > be
>> >
>> > and
>> >
>> > If he comes back with this, hand it to the Police or the authorities as
>> > this
>> > kind of language on an email is highly criminal and this is a job for
>> > the
>> > man in blue (or the police to handle)
>> >
>> > This man is only a troll and the sort of troll that gets around with
>> > Burns -
>> > and tehse trolls are what make the interenet dangerous.
>> >
>> > Keep it as evidence and if you to go court, show them what this man
>> > writes
>> > or take it to the Man in blue or the police if you thinki the need
>> >
>> > Your father Geoff would say the same as me
>> >
>> > Have a great day and God bless you Luke
>> >
>> > Yours
>> >
>> > John


Who knew the Thai's loved faggots, last time I checked they were not loved by their peers - let alone in the Thai Army? What do you think that place is like? Australia?
Hell no! I think someone has got Thai ladyboys on their head like 4 Corners Lesbo Chick hooked up with a "Lisa" who gave deceptive coverage of the Mark Newton and Peter Truong incident or Garry's webmaster "jezinbris" who emails me details of his encounters, oh sorry that's what I took from his email. HAHA.

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