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Friday, 14 October 2016

If Allepo os taken back By Assad this could serve as a spring board for the rest of Syrian and Russia could come against the United States and Western World

This is very seious and it is quicky growing out of a local conflict from Syria and the middle east to become much bigger. If this is NOT solved meditatively (which I think it will continue to grow) we could see an all out war between the United States / Eu vs Russia / China and Iran with Islamic state thron in to mess things up and put a third party in (unlike any previous war in the past). 

If we watch what is happening in Syria (especially Aleppo) right at the present moment we can see the world getting set up for this biblical set of prophecies to occur (Where the war becomes all out and Russia/China/Iran fight the USA/EU) =Syria becoming the Global war

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.12 Saturday October 15th 2016

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