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If you want free speech - leave NSW the pro-pedophilia ADB gulag like Geoff McKee did a year ago (but that doesn't stop the ADB peds)

Garry's lodged his 5th complaint against my father since he started stalking me in 2010, all for actions my father did in Vietnam with there ADB has NO JURISDICTION. My father has no domicile in NSW, no assets, no address, no phone, no presence for the last year as well, and the stamps in his passport to prove it.

This all started (Garry Burns unsolicited online stalking) after Catherine Judith Burns mentored by Lola Scott who gave P16 Immunity forms to the gay partnered most infamous young boy rapist that Australia ever had Robert "Dolly" Dunn was criticized by my father on this YouTube video about the special gay sex police ( <- genuine oz gov f*ckers Facebook page), in which he called them evil just like Alex Jones who recently interviewed Donald J Trump, just like he interviewed me.

I talked to Catherine on the phone (recorded) who says I'm not wanted for arrest, that changed a week after the call in 2010 after she put Garry up to lodging a false police complaint we obtained by FOI whilst I was in exile, to stop her being prosecuted for doing a malicious prosecution with 60c nsw crimes act.

^^ At ~3 mins till the end. 14,800 views. ^^^

Also here's some videos that feature on the gay pedophile police Facebook page, being exposed for the love of pedophilia! Maybe Garry Burns can sue this guy for reposing what the NSW homocops reposted - exposing how Orwellian it all is..

Isn't it funny the ADB is targeting a man (my father) who's son dealt with them first complaining about gay police using 60C NSW Crimes Act as exposed on this blog using a proxy boylover Garry Burns - the same boylover who started stalking me AFTER I made a complaint to the ADB about criminal NSW GLLO Gay Police perverting the course of justice (14 years jail) a hate crime motivated by their homosexuality...

Subject: Letter from ADB
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:47:39 +1000

Attorney General's Department of NSW - Promoting a Just and Safe Society
Visit us at

Please consider our environment before printing this email.

This email and any attachments may be confidential and contain privileged information.
If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this
communication. If you have received this message in error please delete and notify the sender.
When communicating by email you consent to the monitoring and recording of that correspondence.

 See their letter here:
And see more affdavits from my father on the boylover at or

My father didn't intend for this to become a public act. I chose to do it all by myself to rub it into the ADB pedo cult (to be exposed in a forthcoming story showing their tangible links to the OTO Australia Pedophile Cult) they have no jurisdiction over me and my father. They (a gay pedo judge John Wakefield) have spent 2 years trying to decide if it's wrong to vilify those who do anal sex with infants in my father's case. Hear his coverage on the matter here


This is another EXPLOSIVE post from Luke on your blog. 

I cannot see why the issues of public health and public morality that Luke raised cannot be discussed in public. 

It is surely exempt from the NSW Anti Discrimination Law under the Public Interest exemption clause 49ZT 2 (c) I believe. 

Well at least that will be your Defense,  


The ways of the Lord are Mysterious. 

Though Luke is an asshole sometimes,   and a mad cruel abusive bastard at other times due to minimal brain damage at birth (as opposed John to your brain damage caused by the near fatal  car  crash) what Luke writes here is *unsurpassed* in breaking taboos on the whole stinking homosexual agenda that is wrecking havoc on Western Christian Culture.  

There is no evidence that the Holy Spirit is not using Luke as a powerful tool to fight the Satanic aspects of the homosexual agenda for society

You see, there is great method in Luke's madness.  

Luke is as cunning as a shithouse rat (to use Australian army lingo) 

Such a person is needed to fight this Satanic lobby, because normal Christians, preoccupied with being nice, with being loving, being inclusive, would rather run away and resist not evil, than fight evil with the sword. 

The beauty about this post, in terms of political strategy to defeat the radical lesbian feminist agenda of the ladies in the Anti Discrimination Board, is that it was clearly NOT written by John Christopher Sunol.  

And there is no law saying that you are not allowed to give your blog password to any body you choose. 

The fact that this explosive and very well researched stuff appears on your blog, John, is proof that, after all these years, after 75 (and counting) complaints against you referred to the civil court by the President of the ADB (that will go into the Guinness Book of Records Making You Famous!) 

- despite all this they have failed in a monumental way.  They have failed to silence you and you are stronger that ever in your Christian belief system that homosexual acts are a sin.  

Luke is also pointing out the medical cost of this sin, by talking about the burden on heterosexual taxpayers to pay for the spread of AIDS through scatological fetishes of a minority of males in the human population 


Probably nothing, because this post is probably too hot to handle even by the ADB fall guy : police informer whose name we won't mention 

My only recommendation would be to put a disclaimer at the end of the blog, saying that you have allowed Luke McKEE to use your blog in good faith and in the public interest, because he had some important and interesting things to say that others cannot say because they lack knowledge and lack the capacity to fight the homosexual agenda, 

(you could quote section 49ZT 2 (c) as follows

"Nothing in this section renders unlawful a public act, done reasonably and in good faith, for academic, artistic, religious instruction, scientific or research purposes or for other purposes in the public interest, including discussion or debate about and expositions of any act or matter."

Then say if the ADB want to dispute that this post is in the public interest, they must hold Luke McKee accountable, the person who wrote the post, the co-operator of the Google blog account in question 

"It is absurd and cowardly of the Anti Discrimination Board to continually make others responsible for Luke McKee's writing's.   They are simply too scared to take him on in a public forum because he has the capacity to totally demolish their arguments, and they know it, because he has been writing to them for nine years on the subject of homosexual vilification law" 

"Luke would be only too happy to defend himself in a court of law if somebody would pay his airfare and accomodation costs, and all expenses for a return trip to Australia from overseas, with guaranteed that there would be no foul play by a group of NSW police officers called "Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers 👮 
 who maliciously arrested him in May 2007. 

The Ways of the Lord are Mysterious  

Luke - you must get info of all the Recent ADBComplaints against John caused by your writings, then write to the president of the ADB Saying that John is in no way responsible and would they please withdraw the complaints and re-issue them to you.  Give them an email address but not your physical address.  That will put them in a quandary 

Over and out


On Monday, 24 October 2016, Luke McKee <> wrote:
That ought to piss them off. Includes a transcript of Justice James Wood of the Wood Royal Commission into NSW Police (Catherine Burn's boss) helping pedophiles go free rand rape as long as they cut the police in on the drug money child rape victim talking about how he was raped by him.
The ADB can say you can't be against NSW Gay judge child sex next....

Dealing with ‘The Stupid’

My world has become a dreary monotonous slog. It’s called interacting with the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) of New South Wales. You can see how dreary it is by looking at this graphic. It shows all the complaints, tribunal and court matters clogging up the legal system because I dared to think that homosexuality is immoral from the relatively unsafe distance of Queensland.

Please note that this graphic is not up to date either. I’ve just been notified that there are going to be new Tribunal matters by the ADB because, well, the ADB is the puppet that rubber stamps complaints from the most offended man in the world.
Of interest, I draw your attention to the very top blue line. It represents the latest complaint that I have received from the ADB. I received it this week, even though it is all about something that occurred in May 2015. And when I say that it is a complaint from ADB, I mean the ADB. Garry Burns has not lodged anything to generate this new complaint at the top and numbered 2016/0522. This complaint is all due to the work of a conciliation officer at the Temple of Thought Police.
It’s kind of a long story and even I don’t understand it, so I’ll try and keep it simple.
In May 2015 Garry Burns lodged a complaint and you can see it above numbered 2015/0333 somewhere towards the top mess of blue lines.
The ADB has just referred this complaint to the Tribunal. And then, magically, it has resurrected it again under an entirely new number because it reckons that it did not raise the original complaint properly in the first place due to an ‘oversight’. However, like I said, that has not stopped it referring the original complaint on to the Tribunal anyway.
But it now means that I am to be subjected to the exact same complaint all over again, although this time the ADB is pushing the complaint and not Mr Burns. And I have no doubt that the ADB will refer it to the Tribunal all over again and that means I now face two fines of up to $100,000 for the same complaint. To cap it all off, when Garry Burns lodged this complaint against me he actually provided, as evidence, the Facebook post of a woman living in Vietnam. So I face two $100,000 fines because of something someone did on the other side of the world and who I don’t even know.
If that makes any sense to you, please contact me because I am having some difficulty understanding how it all works. However, I suspect the ADB deliberately likes things to be kept this way.
The whole process of dealing with the ADB actually leaves me feeling physically nauseous. The truth is that the Thought Police down there in Rainbow Central make me sick. And that’s the most charitable thing I can say about them. I’ll give you some idea of what I mean.
On 19 September 2016, the Acting President of the ADB wrote to me about this new duplicated complaint, stating:
“If you have any questions, please contact the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation.”
As you can imagine, I had a question or two. Helpfully, this letter was actually emailed to me by the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation. Even more helpfully, the Acting President left me the phone number for the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation. So I rang it and rang it and nothing happened.
Then, on 21 September 2016 the Acting Manager – Enquries and Conciliation wrote to me, stating:
“I wish to advise that I will not be discussing this matter with you by telephone.”
I note, with some admiration for the blithe ease at which the ADB bureaucracy unashamedly contradicts itself, that two days after I received a letter from its exalted leader advising me to ring the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation with any questions about complaint C2016/0522 that she wrote to inform me that she would not take any calls to discuss this complaint at all. It’s kind of impressive really.
Now, I have named this situation as ‘The Stupid’.
And I have written to the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation at the ADB about it. Here is part of that letter:
I note that the parties involved in creating The Stupid are the Acting President of the ADB and the Acting Manager – Enquiries and Conciliation at the ADB. Clearly, this creation embodies the spirit of its creators in a most marvellous and profound way. Further, in no way, shape or form am I involved in the creation of The Stupid. However, I am unfortunately sandwiched between all parts of it and I feel like it is slowly eradicating my will to live. Not even beer is doing it for me anymore and flowers wilt when I talk to them about my predicament.
I also hold a great fear that The Stupid will slowly seize control of my sensory faculties and infect my ability to reason. I am greatly concerned that I will end up like both parties involved in its creation, or perhaps as some deranged and dribbling madman chained to a chair at a safe distance for public viewing. I am not sure what outcome is worse.
That being said, the creation of The Stupid has provided me with a valuable insight for which I am thankful. I now understand more clearly the insanity that I have unhappily been thrust into. Accordingly, I will now adjust my responses in order to achieve the best outcome that one might mournfully hope for in the midst of these circumstances. In other words, I will resort to pictures to explain my points.
The good thing about pictures is that they explain at a mere glimpse what 1000 words cannot. Further, even creators of The Stupid can reasonably be expected to grasp their message. So here goes. 
I live in Queensland. Here is a picture of Queensland. It shows my family. You’ll note the smiley faces and instantly realise that this picture was taken before any of them understood the slightest thing about the New South Wales ADB:
You will notice that Queensland is quite different to New South Wales. Here is a picture of New South Wales, where I don’t live:
These images give a fairly good understanding of the key generic differences between Queensland and New South Wales. Hopefully, they will provide you with some context as to why Queensland is known for being beautiful one day and perfect the next and why New South Wales is absolutely a place to avoid.
That being said, it did rain in Queensland yesterday. However, I’m pretty sure it was because I was dealing with the ADB. Anyway, I am now going to provide you with some general geographical information that may shed light on the complex jurisdictional problems that the creators of The Stupid grapple with on a daily basis.
Importantly, the New South Wales ADB is represented by this black dot:
Here is a map of Queensland with all the known locations of ADB offices within the state shown for easy reference. Normally, this kind of map is effortlessly understood and even most primordial sludge can comprehend its meaning:
Just in case you failed to grasp the importance of the above map showing all locations of the ADB in Queensland, I will point out that it shows that the ADB has no presence in Queensland at all. Understandably, this is probably my favourite thing about Queensland.
As the ADB has no presence in Queensland, this map shows all the places in Queensland where the ADB cannot administer the Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW) 1977.
If the above map is a little crowded, the one below may be easier to comprehend. It says basically the same thing by highlighting in bright red all the areas where the Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW) 1977 applies in Queensland:

Listen to Luke's Story: this is why I back him

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