Saturday, 29 October 2016

Intense Airstrikes on Alleppo

This total war and it is only getting worst. As I have put in my own opinion in the past and I will statw again "the only way out of this is for an international Force to go into Syria vy force and take over. i ckass this as the starts od what is to be classified as World war 3. What is going on today in cities like Allepo is no different that the bombing campaigns of World war 2 - on London by the Nazis and elswhere in Europe by both allies and Nazis 1939-1945

These wars against Islamic State and in other cities in bith Iraq and Syria are no different that in the midst of world war II fighting in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific and else where.

So I believe  we are witnessing the start of World war 3. When I go back in History and look at the decorations if the European cities n the fighting from 1940-1945, compare then with Aleppo, Mosul and other Syrian  and Iraqi towns and Cities, on the outside the devastation of these cities in Syria/Iraq today look the same as war time Europe (1939-1945)

Written By John Christopher Sunol 
6.46 Sunday October 30th 2016

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