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Monday, 17 October 2016

Listen to Dr Dobson speak on same sex Marriage: TAKE NOTE AS THIS IS THE WAY I BELEIVE

This is the way I take same sex Marriage, in the same light as this well known Christian Speaker from America - focus on the family

On the other blog posting I put a link to Richard Di Natalie message - the (Green) message from a Cultural Marxist view point I believe is deceiving the whole world

Now listen to Dr Dobsons view point which I believe to be correct - focus on the family

Please feel free to make your own decision, but let me assure all that you decision is your own choice, you decision will make no difference to the truth and the truth comes out of what Dr Dobson states on focus on the family. 

Dobson and same sex marriage issues

written by John Christopher Sunol
11.50 Tuesday October 18th 2016

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