Saturday, 1 October 2016

Luke's TNRA comment: Australian Marriage Equality Inc linked themselves to infant sex lovers and they don't want to say sorry

It's funny you speak of Trans-humanism's links to Gay Marriage in Australia. I found the same. I found Australian Marriage Equality doing a fundraiser for an Australian Transhumanist Public Speaker Dr Matthew Hynd, who is now in jail for 6 years for infant sex child porn, in the NY USA. Australian Marriage Equality deleted their press releases (seen here: telling their supporters to give money to him to sue the federal government whilst he was on the run from the FBI NY Albany Field office since a search warrant was executed in 2010 that recovered the child porn. Lee Rhiannon can be seen 3 years later in a video screaming outside the immigration office screaming from the top of her lungs "Scott Morrison you homophobic bigot" for not letting the infant sex lover get a visa for his illegal immigrant Pakistani visa Over-stayer Ali Choundhry of Ali Choundrhy Photography dot com. He got his visa thanks to George Soros's getup doing a fake petition with 140,000 American queers pretending to be Australian to subvert our democracy after being called to action by the Queer Celebrity George Tekei or "sulu" in Start Trek. The question is here, under the banner of Australian gay rights can infant sex child porn fugitives demand their "gay rights" to bring their foreign mates into the country.
Greens Press Release:
Fmr Wasington Reporter working with me to break the story:
Wow Australian Marriage Equality INC left one press release online they forgot about
They don't want to say sorry for supporting infant sex lovers under the Australian Gay Marriage banner. The support went both ways! Have you tried some @slurptea1 boylover brewed Marriage Equality Tea? All proceeds went to the Queensland AIDS council that doesn't want to give the child sex lover raised gay marriage support cash to Bravehearts Inc. They will call the police on you if for extortion if you even suggest they give their paedophile on the run raised cash to a more noble cause. Australian Marriage Equality, SBS, ABC and the Greens will not apologize for supporting the boylover cause under the Australian Marriage Equality banner. There is nothing to say sorry about for strongly campaigning the pedophile's cause as "gay rights" they say. This is the case of Australian Marriage Equality associating gay rights with pedophilia - NOT US! And they are not sorry for it. They accept infant sex lovers support gay marriage and Visa versa.
Here's the transhumanism link: (only months before his extradition)
In this case they don't want to say sorry like even the ABC did for Mark Newton and Peter Truong. They are not sorry they helped boylovers on the run do a coud funded scam to get money to sue the federal government to ensure more paedophiles can be among our children.  But they will cover it up by removing the press release and send the GLBTI thought police (NSW Police GLLOs) to your front door if you dissent against infant sex lover Australian Marriage Equality Inc sponsored visas for illegal immigrants. This is a bloody disgrace and not one of the mainstream media outlets that covered their demands for gay crowdfunding cash covered their child porn arrest in Australia. The link that woke me up was deleted from twitter before I saw it from the courier mail article - that only stayed online a week. What's wrong with Asking Australian Marriage Equality Inc to say sorry for duping their own gay followers to give money to infant sex lovers on the run? Gay Marriage is a religion - you can be a heretic for going against the church of the SODOMITES.

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