Sunday, 16 October 2016

My You Tube accounts are being hacked into and people want to mess me up. I will fight you back:I PROMISE YOU ALL THAT, THOSE WHOME BACK GARRY

I have noticed that someone is trying to get into my accounts to change the settings for me. 

I wish to warn all of those that oppose don't even consider going down that path as I will fight back. I may not have a solicitor now as I am now running out of money (and I ain't going to sell my house for anyone, to pay the $50,000 that Garry is claiming or anyone as I  need this to be able to  write my blogs as I must have a base with no real debt and I write all from home "or the local public library"  but in the library I am restricted and at home I home I have all the equipment needed  with no restrictions) 

I have had to do away with my solicitor due to financial reasons and it is getting to expensive so I will just now act  for myself, I am quite capable at doing that. 

Any further correspondence post to my home in waratah "where I will give the address if you email me or phone me, or 0468 309 091

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.04 Monday October 17th 2016


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