Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Nasa (others) ready for Space travel: Universe/Humongous Gods miracle of Creation very real

Times for what was once science fiction is now becoming reality. If you take note to this posting you will see the way Man is going in this area. NASA is preparing and so are others like the European space agency. 

In the mid 2060's they are preparing r people living on Mars and venturing on from there. 

Space is so humongous that it will take an eternity to find all. With over 100-400 Billion stars in the Milky way alone and then there is estimated around 100-200 Billion other galaxies. 

Earth only has a population of 7.45 billion people living which makes it over 30 stars at a very minimum for ever person on earth, and in our Galaxy alone and over 50 Galaxies at the present moment for every person on the earth, in today's statistics and then we do not know how many there is as it is endless with no end. 

The Universe is Humongous and this shows how great God is as He created the Universe and stars in (exodus 20:11) just 6 days as interpreted through his word (Genises 1,2)

This is a miracle as I believe it could have been a 24 hour period as this is so massive that even creation in 2,000 time period would have been like a drop of sand to all the beaches on planet earth under present logic. It is impossible for the earth to be created without a miracle from God Himself as this defy s all man made human logic to be any other than a miracle working God. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 16.08 on Wednesday October 5th 2016

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