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Friday, 21 October 2016

North Korea fires a fourth nuclear ICBM

This is very worrying  as a rogue nation like North Korea getting Hold of Nuclear Weapons. This is of Major concern to the whole world.

It can be seen as if the dictators of world ( world war 2) had developed nuclear weapons  (in 1943) in the midst of world war two 
If Adolf Hitler / Bendito Mussolini / Heidiki Tojo got hold of thermo  nuclear weapons and missiles.

We would have had a nightmare of a world and the world would have been very different than what it is today.

To Jo of the past. If anything Kim Jon Un comes from the same (or similar) political philosophy - socialism and State control.

What makes it different from the three dictators of world war 2 is nothing but Kim Jon Un can be seen as putting the word into  Total danger. In this case if he is allowed to keep going in development of modern day nuclear weapons we will have no choice but to attack him, go to war with North Korea to take him out as through war safety for the whole world  can come like from 1939-1945..

This is critical and it will happen sooner or later
(World war 3)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
9.17 Saturday October 22nd 2016

Allowing Kim Jon Yung to have a ICBM with,A Hydrogen we are head as the same if Adolf Hiitler, Benedito Musolini or Heidiki Tojo had acess to this weaponary in 1943 during then height of world war 2
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