Friday, 7 October 2016

Oceans may be on planets outside our solar system (Proof Evolution is properganda and lies, where as Creation is the only truth)

I feel this is only the start of billions if not trillions of discoveries like this to follow. With the massive amounts of distances and planets and stars involved, Miracles are not only possible they are very logic and are a reality.

God is real and he performs miracles. We are to hear much much more after 2018 when the James T-Web space telescope the size of football feild is deployes the distance of the Moon

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
5.54 Saturday October 8th 2016

My comments

Oceans could be plentiful throughout the whole Universe it is so Massive amounts of Galaxy's,(500 Billion + known in 2013) with massive amount of Stars in each Galaxy

This would gove trillions  and Trillions of stars if we have "say" 200 billion stars on average in each Galaxy and 500 + billion Galaxies, and many many more planets. 

(THIS TOTALY DEBUNKS THE Theory of evolution  and only leaves a Miraculous Creation by God  by a God left to consider, which makes the bible the living word of God)  

Evolution has not got a leg to stand on
Creation is the Only Answer 

Possible life outside our solar system

Closest planet outside our solar system could support life

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