Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Properganda is being used today all of the time by the use of social media and also a form of cyber war

Cyber war is taking over now not only in hackers but also propaganda war, This makes the requirment of future graduates in the Advertising (Marketing), digital communications and information technology an essential requirement with graduates from both the computer sciences and also the social sciences with training in social media essential for our future defense and police forces.

I take today similar as it was in world war 1 from 1914-1918 and especially at the beginnings of this war in 1914-1916 where aircraft were first being used in warfare.  We are going through the same form of pains and arrival of previously unused technology as they did back in those days around 100 years ago. 

As we get closer to leaving to Mars as is coming and with the onset of unknown technology in the Cyber and the quantum physics areas our present day development is on a similar if not greater advancement than 100 year ago. 

written by John Christopher Sunol
15.22 on Wednesday October 12th 2016

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I do not have the $50,000 ($49,500) needed to pay Garry  Part A

Part B

Part C

Why the United states is loosing the Cyber war

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