Monday, 3 October 2016

Russia preparing to attack America with Nuclear weapons, I blame Perverts in Cultural Marxist for this

This ia very serious and if it was to come, it would come without any warning. Such as when Hitler Went over the borders to attack Poland on September 1-6 1939. Read this and spread it world wide as if there is any truth in this IT MUST GET OUT.

If Russia and America go to Nuclear war, this is catastrophic and will effect the whole world. 

If this was to happen I blame same Sex marriage as being one of the reasons why God has allowed this to happen as His kindness is everlasting but I must agree with Fred Phelps over his attitude on same sex marriage and Homosexual rights and His Westbro Baptist Church, same sex marriage is wickedness before the Lord and that is what an end result could be when Gods wrath is brought into effect, same sex marriage is will bring Gods Holy wrath.

I have nothing else to say,  

11.06 Monday October 3 2016

My comments

Hillary and nuclear war Russia/America

First look at troops waiting to launch nuclear weapons

Putins full nuclear war speech 2016

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