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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Terrorist could lunchn Cyber attack on Australia within three years

This is not only possible but very likely, that is why we need the Cyber forces as an arm of our military and Police forces to head off these attacks. As the years go on it will become more and more critical to employ computer science and computer engineering graduates with Business and marketing/info tech graduates in both our military forces, police and national security agencies to combat these new threats. Cyber warfare is as Air war was in 1914 at the beginnings of 
World war 1 (1914-1918)

Besides the use of Hackers Cyber warfare incorporates massive propaganda and it is one big propaganda machine which requites the use of Marketing Graduates and these Graduates with a focus on Advertising, Public relations and digital communications, with  graduates from the social sciences to counter act with this,  coupled with information technology skills focusing on digital languages and communications.  The world is changing and change is coming rapidly into a new World order which will come under Agenda 2030 which use to be Agenda 21

These new adversaries using t\technology to bring war and terror to the world are all part of the new world order and what Agenda 2030 will represent. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.59 on Wednesday October 12th 2016

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