Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Anti-Same Sex Marriage message - to be spread to all - I would like this to go Virul

We need to get this anti same sex marriage and anti homosexual message whilst we can. (there is coming a day where homophobia will be outlawed as ir could be classed hate crime) I promise the world I will dedicate myself to doing just that for the rest of my life as same sex marriage is goimg to bring Gods Holy wrath upon all whom venture down this pathway

I will go to the public library every day and also work from my own computers at home and I will let no one stop me. 

As for Beanie Hynes and Co -horts who put rubbish messages on my You Tubes attacking me, I will ban them and delete all their posts from my blogs. These people give no constructive feedback, all they do is attack me with lies and work with the man who purgered himself in the courts to attack me  with lies. 

6.49 Wednesday October 5th 2016

My comments

The only main difference with me is that I am from A Pentecostal evangelical Christian background and Fred Phelps was a Calvanist Reformed Church style of worship and we are different in these theological viewpoints, as I am not so much Calvanist but Pentecostal 
Which is a little different form of theology. 

As for same sex marriage we take the 
Same beliefs as we are dealing with evil. 
Calvinism is NOT Pentecostal but along the lines of same sex marriage we are in total agreement with the Calvinist theology which Fred Phelps of Westbo Baptist church was. 

I would  like to undertake a promise to the world, I will not lie down whilst same sex marriage is on the agenda 

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