Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Same sex Marriage Plebiscite is about to be voted on in Australian Federal Government

This legislation is addressed by a number of groups and a important video for all to watch is the one below from the Australian Christian Lobby groups in Canberra

This very contensious issue is coming up on the agenda in the Federal government Today Monday 10th October 2016. My answer to same sex MARRIAGE is No due to same sex Marriage is part of Agenda 2030 to bring a social control on all people. 

I differ to alot of people by the way, if we must have same sex marriage, then we must also have the right to reject this and put this whole issue to death by publicly and openly opposing it and we need a plebicpscite to do such. I will never vote Labor if they oppose this plebiscite as they are taking our right to reject this away and forcing it upon all, which is very undemocratic and totalitarian..  

Sa,e sex marriage has nothing to do with love it is very Political and if I go into public business again I will never  advertise for employees as I will not employ same sex Marriage lobbyist or homosexual rights advocates and to stop me from being attacked I would get private people or look through church groups and only employ those who are not pro same sex marriage.

7.26 Monday October 10th 2016

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