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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Trumps recipe for world war 3:Which is right upon us

If America does go into world war 3 and this rime it is different than 
World War 1 or World War 11 . I know Trump has a few things I do not like but with the Correct Generals, Air Marshalls and Admirals in the Military to take charge of all matters of defense in the time of a major conflict, correct Police cheifs and head of intelligence agencies like the CIA and institutions involved with intmelligence Donald Trump could have more control that Hillary Clinton and her Cultural Marxist ideology of not needed distractions such as Same sex marriage and related issues which should be dumped in times of coming up wars like today. 

When you only get One third of people (or 25%) of people that even support issues like same sex ,marriage according to a news article which is more characteristic than a opinion poll. When people realize that we are in the threshold of World war 3 and possibly end up Nuclear Donald Trumps plan of restricting Muslims during such a time makes complete sense. Back during the times of World war 2 from 1939-1945 if a German, Japanese or Italian immigrated they would have been thrown in a Prisoner of war camp. I FEEL THAT THIS IS THE TIME  TO CONCENTRATE ON NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES - Like Same sex marriage 

No matter how repugnant Donald Trump is America might need him as president to protect them in times like today where we are Practle in world war 3 and this could become very nasty  We do not have the time to waste on Equal rights and Cultural Marxism Political Correct speach and must concentrate all efforts on Nation defense as if tomorrow will be not here and today is our last day. 

In times like now Donald Trump makes more common sense that Hillary Clinton and her Political Correctness issues  (Cultural Marxism

Recognizing a cultural Marxist

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.52 Thursday October 20 2016

My comments

Trump might be needed in light of A looming world war 3

Donald Trump speech

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