Friday, 28 October 2016

Vexatious littigant document, the person who is claiming $53,477.41 off me

this has been up for around 12 months but this tells the truth on my past cases, It goes into this fully and this needs to go viral around the world, I was ordered to pay the vexatious litigant $53,477.43 which makes this very real. 

If this can happen to me under a piece of legislation that should not be, think who else could have this happen to them if they are anti same sex marriage and use their freedom to express themselves in a civil matter. 

This litigant is veracious and completely out of control and that is why I oppose this openly and publish it as if I am fined this amount of money $53,477.43 over a number of cases that I lost by default, it could happen to anyone and this is a great reason why the Anti vilification of Homosexual act amendment by Clover Moore MP in 1993 should be repealed and I ask this blog entry to go viral world wide. 

This is a disastrous piece of legislation, this piece of legislation is open for abuse by many others and if I have to pay this amount of money for cases I lost in default then that leaves this open for rampart abuse. 

If I was to suddenly obtain a large sum of money that would leave it open for me to be exploited in this and people could make false claims to get money.

With precedents like being set in Burns vs Sunol this leaves anyone with a large payout open for abuse by anyone who calls them self gay or lesbian. 

I will say no more but leave it up to the readers own imagination - these cases of mine must be overturned and this for of scam job must be dealt with according to law and commonsense

This is open for rampart abuse, 

I will leave this for all my readers to make up there own mind and send this message to their friends on social media. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
10.55 Saturday October 29th 2016

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