Friday, 21 October 2016

What a John Abbott sais about the Anti Discrimination Board

A copy of an Email from John Abbot over the Anti Discrimination board
When they lett Garry Burns abuse this on a regular basis like he has with me and others
(I have had over 75 complaints to date) 

I feel that John Abbot is very right in making this statement


The Anti Discrimination Board of NSW (ADB) is a concocted nonsense for reasons that:
1.       It cannot deal with anyone outside being a citizen of NSW;
2.       Anti Discrimination is a Federal matter under section 51 ss. xxvi;
3.       As the Commonwealth has legislated upon discrimination then the States must retire from that field of legislation;
4.       The ADB is bias upon its approach as most if not all personnel are either LGBTIQ or sympathize with them thus any submission from a government department that is tainted by bias cannot be determined by any court.
5.       Any complaint regarding discrimination should be heard by a federal court or a court exercising federal jurisdiction.
Thus, the ADB is a kangaroo court at best or without jurisdiction.

John Abbott
This is strictly my opinion and express it freely for anyone to seek for themselves the true value of constitutional provisions and must not be regarded as legal advise.

NB: from John Christopher Sunol
       I believe the Anti discrimination board can be very            biased in favor of issues learning towards the                    Cultural Marxist/Feminist minority groups and does           not  meet the real meanings of anti discrimination. 
Article entered on this blog by John Christopher Sunol
11.58 Saturday October 22nd 2016

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