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Monday, 24 October 2016

Whenever Garry Burns extort 10k from a celebrity, Australian Marriage Equality Rodney Croome's patsies in Tasmania double sues for $$$$


Must see posts on this from the time it happened:


PFLAG edited this document to remove Rodney Croome's name after they realized I was onto them. With all this boylover serial litigation going on (Lawfare), they actually made the law so you can be sued in Multiple jurisdictions for the same offense, because many gays have to be paid in the profitable anti-discrimination racket, that sends Garry Burns to the Hilton Colombo Sri Lanka where he goes for the little ones. I have the photos - more to come. All paid for by people who pay him cash when he says give me money now and I wont take you to the ADB - look how I got away with it persecuting John Sunol don't you want to be next? We have all his 10k donations going into his bank account obtained in bankruptcy proceedings. THIS IS CRIMINAL EXTORTION and Interstate Police Criminal Complaints have been lodged against the boylover and the ADB on this racket already. (as an example Latrobe Counselor Christine Sindt for one)

Anyway it's the law you can face an orgy of gays chasing the money for thought crimes for only one action. And I thought it was bad they sued Bernard Gaynor twice at NCAT for a single complaint because they rubber-stamp everything the boylover sends them whilst they break the anti-discrimination act and do no due diligence, then Garry Burns former lawyer Gemma Nameley working in the Crown Solicitors office and for PIAC.ASN.AU that still works for that institution that has been working with Garry Burns suing John Sunol since 2005 (Henry Collier case), says the ADB doesn't have to answer to FOI's to prove they are following the law. They are allowed to break the law and they are protected by gay pedophile secrecy provisions of the NSW Government. 


Making of complaints in more than one jurisdiction

88B Making of complaints in more than one jurisdiction

(1) A person is not prevented from making a complaint under this Division only because the person has made a complaint or taken proceedings in relation to the same facts in another jurisdiction, whether in New South Wales or elsewhere.
(2) The Tribunal must have regard to any such proceedings, and to the outcome of any such proceedings, in dealing with or determining the complaint.


Garry Richard Burns even gets to lodge bogus police complaints under a fake name "Gary Burns" against Sunol and myself (ask us for the FOIs) when NSW Supreme court shows he was charged for doing hetro-phobic hate crimes to NSW Police - and he hasn't changed his name since, along with 60 complaints at the ADB under the Fake Name "Gary Burns" - some of them still listed today (e.g. Tess Corbett - look up the court listings NOW!). This is pretty serious police corruption to protect the boylover, but anything happens when Catherine Burn's reguarly emails you. He only started stalking me as a favor for her.


The above listing was for Tess Corbett lodged under a fake name "Gary Burns", and then there was Bernard Gaynor and Brendon Ritson ex-homo-frame-jobed cop who sued the boylover 10 grand recently.Whilst on the same day he was appearing as "Garry Burns" Bernard Gaynor and "Garry Richard Burns" - Brendon Ritson. I should have saved the screenshot of that showing not only do the police let the boylover use fake names, like the ADB but so does the supreme court.

HER HONOUR: This is an action for defamation brought by Mr Brendan Ritson against Mr Gary Burns in respect of a single comment made by Mr Burns to a third person. Mr Ritson is a former policeman. In his pleadings, he describes Mr Burns as ‘a self proclaimed “gay rights activist”’.

2Mr Burns has taken no part in the proceedings. As a result, default judgment was entered against him by the Registrar on 1 February 2013 for damages to be assessed. This judgment assesses those damages.

3Mr Ritson's pursuit of a claim in this Court in respect of a single comment made to one person warrants some explanation.


Wanna see the Boylover's associate since way back Catherine Judith Burn's reply? OK I'll include it at the bottom. You should see the boylover getting Catherine Burns to order the cop investigating her for the Sydney Lindt Muslim Extremist Terrorist Siege to apologize to him too - also included at the bottom. That's all after nearly going to jail for hetro-phobic abuse and hate crimes against police. CATHERINE JUDITH BURNS  YOU ARE '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

 For those who are interested about Catherine Burns and Garry Burns association you might want to read these:

https://www.scribd.com/doc/291527252/Homosexual-FOI-officer-says-I-m-wanted-for-arrest (after pretending to be a sworn police office on tape breaking the law - and blogs about being an English teacher in japan and going to gay orgies, and doing public park sex crimes in sydney's parks aka BeatProject.org.au - I kicked him of twitter for exposing he was tweeting about his work without clearence to do so. Bye bye @MrLicharo / @RM_Hanson)

 https://www.scribd.com/document/252658925/Luke-Mckee-Final-Submission-to-Operation-Prospect-Inquiry (into Catherine Judith Burn's corruption and dodgey search warrants - the kind that I got with 60c NSW Crimes Act)

Brad Hazzard broke the law to protect Catherine Judith Burns. Have a listen:


She told the hostages (still alive) to stay in the kill zone and wait to be shot dead in the bugled Sydney Siege, denied knowing anything about the operations, yet tweeted ~80 times under @nswpolice "DCOP Burns" says this and that about the siege as it was happening in real time. There are plenty of MSM news about that so I wont double up.


I've also been looking into Garry's aka hunter1 internet activity back in 2005. Boy it's interesting, he was talking about child sex and hating Muslims way back then.


Gay slights may land Laws and Newman in court

January 5, 2005 - 5:20PM
Media personalities John Laws and Sam Newman may face legal action in Tasmania over comments alleged to have incited hatred against gay people.
Gay activist Michael Dempsey today filed complaints with the state's anti-discrimination commission, claiming both men made comments last year which breached Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Act.
The complaints follow similar action by Sydney activist Gary Burns, who today described the Tasmanian complaint as a lovely surprise.
Mr Laws's comments were made on his morning radio program on November 3 when the entertainer spoke about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy television star Carson Kressley, who was in Australia at the time.
During his program, Laws described Kressley as a "pompous little pansy prig" and a "pillow-biter".
He then went on to play a recorded track featuring the line 'piss off pansy'.
The comments were broadcast on radio station 2UE and syndicated on several radio stations in Tasmania.
Mr Newman's comments were made live on Channel Nine's Today Show on November 29 and broadcast in Tasmania via WIN TV.
Responding to a proposal to make Melbourne more attractive to gay and lesbian visitors, Mr Newman labelled gay people as "lisping, parading people wandering all over the country, all over the state adding absolutely nothing to it".
Mr Dempsey said today he was concerned about the effect the broadcasters' comments would have on gay and lesbian people in the community.
While Mr Laws had already taken out an advertisement in Sydney's gay papers apologizing for his comments, Mr Dempsey said Tasmanians had not seen any similar action.
"We are looking for action here so the community is aware that (Mr Laws's and Mr Newman's comments are) unreasonable," he said.
"If we get one victory as happened in Sydney, then that is certainly a win and sends a very clear message to broadcasters and commentators that these comments are unreasonable and not appropriate in this country in the 21st century.
"This is about vilification and protecting vulnerable members of the community, not a person's right to express an opinion."
Rodney Croome of the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group said the complaint would send a strong message that slurs, abuse and hateful speech against sexual minorities were equal to discrimination against racial minorities.
He said while he would not pre-empt the commission's decision, a recent ruling by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Tribunal about a similar incident involving Mr Laws gave the Tasmanian case a good chance of success.
"Over the last few years, Tasmania has made significant strides towards becoming a much more tolerant and pluralistic community," Mr Croome said.
"The statements by Laws and Newman would have come as a bit of a shock I think to a lot of Tasmanians. We have moved on from this kind of abuse. We don't want these kinds of slurs affecting public debate in Tasmania."
Neither Mr Laws nor Mr Newman was available for comment today.|

Both 2UE and Channel Nine declined to comment.


Rodney Croome is a very close personal associate of the boylover Garry Burns - as evident from this post and the gay rent-boy kingpin video in it showing Garry's Facebook friends (he only has 30)
And also here showing his perjury saying in court transcripts he never saw the youtube video my dad linked to in his first complaint against my dad, but before going to NCAT was citing the YouTube video upload date that only exists on youtube - where the video auto plays. Once Balzoa is finished with his perjury charges, Geoff will attempt to get him jailed for this proven perjury based on forensic evidence.


John Sunol gets sued for calling Garry Burns a liar, because they say it's a hate crime to say that because he's an elite gay. Well when he goes to jail for perjury what's the NCAT going to do? He's running to the local court to try and get ADB cash now to the tune of $49,500 dollars to pay for his defence because he knows knows how right royally fucked he is, and not in the way he likes it. Bend down and face the music Garry, Gary, Gazza, Hunter1 you criminal. He's trying to get money now, for court cases that have been debunked. He's a proven liar, and Ben Smee has came out in the previous post confessing to making fake facebook profiles that john sunol got sued for that Garry Burns bragged about on 2UE with David Oldfield, who's wife shares youtube videos of their children's penises flapping around in the bathroom - but that's another story and no it's not detraction. Do you want pictures of it with the you know what blurred out?
And if you think my language is bad David Oldfield's wife - a media personality - can be seen calling John Sunol a "cunt"in this letter about Garry Burns vextatious lawsuits published on my dad's scribd page.



 Rodney Croome quits Australian Marriage Equality role over plebiscite

Veteran gay rights campaigner Rodney Croome has quit as the head of the marriage equality lobby group he founded, saying it is at odds with his position on the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite.
Mr Croome has left as Australian Marriage Equality's national director to focus on opposing the plebiscite as the organisation gears up to negotiate with the Turnbull government on the terms of the plebiscite.

Turnbull's plebiscite problem

A new poll reveals some interesting stats when it comes to support for a same sex marriage plebiscite. Political correspondent Heath Aston has more.
"I want to dedicate my energies to stopping a plebiscite and having a free vote in parliament instead," he told Fairfax Media.
"Australian Marriage Equality needs to be working with the government, especially if there is a plebiscite, and my work against a plebiscite will make that harder for them, so it's better we separate.
"I'm sad to leave an organisation I founded, have led and made so many friends through, but it is the best thing for them, for me and for marriage equality."
Based on conversations with Liberal and National politicians, Mr Croome believes it is possible to stop the plebiscite, and doing so would make a free vote more likely as there would be no alternate avenue to marriage equality.
The other reason Mr Croome has left to fight for the cause is deeply personal.
"If there is a plebiscite and a gay kid kills himself because of the hate, I need to be able to look myself in the mirror and know I did everything I could to stop it," he said.

Rodney Croome, spokesperson for LGBTI lobby group Just Equal, says the proposed same-sex marriage exemptions are "absurd".
Rodney Croome, spokesperson for LGBTI lobby group Just Equal, says the proposed same-sex marriage exemptions are "absurd". Photo: Graham Tidy
Mr Croome called the plebiscite a "completely unnecessary waste of public money that parliament can ignore anyway".
"But what motivates me most is that I don't want to see the tiny minority of haters in the community given the biggest platform they have ever had," he said.
However, Mr Croome added it was "essential" that those who opposed the plebiscite still prepared for one and he commended those doing so.
He denied accusations there was a split in the marriage equality movement.
"There are simply different people working on different and necessary tasks, whether that is stopping a plebiscite or winning it," he said.
"That is the sign of a mature movement."
Mr Croome said having campaigners fight against a plebiscite would benefit the effort to win one should it occur.
"This is because we will be working with a range of groups and networks that can swing in behind the plebiscite effort if and when a plebiscite becomes inevitable," he said.
Australian Marriage Equality chairman Alex Greenwich thanked Mr Croome for his contribution.
"The plebiscite is unnecessary but we have a duty to LGBTI people to get ready if a plebiscite is imposed upon us, while at the same time continuing to make the case for a free vote in parliament," Mr Greenwich said in a statement.
"We didn't ask for a plebiscite but the Government made it an election commitment so its important we are ready. Failing to be prepared would be a massive disservice to gay and lesbian people."


Catherine Burn burn1cat@police.nsw.gov.au via bigpond.com 

Thanks Garry. It is very serious and we need to look at it closely.

Kind regards,
Catherine Burn
Deputy Commissioner
Specialist Operations

On 17 Apr 2016, at 08:57, Garry Burns <antidiscrimination@bigpond.com> wrote:

Dear Ma’am Burn,

Isn’t Inspector Denby Lea Eardley the Mrs of Supt Dave Eardley ?

I know Dave Eardley. He is a very good man.

If Inspector Eardley as is alleged is involved in the vilifying of people via the internet based on their race she ( Inspector Eardley ) may have a case to answer.

Cath this Newtown M.P could sue the NSW Police Force under s . 20 D of the racial vilification provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 ( NSW ) because those acts of NSW Police may be unlawful.

Do we want these sorts of police serving in NSW ?

Cath the answer would have to be no , surely.

Cath these sorts of things shouldn’t be going on in the NSW Police Force in 2016.

NSW Police do not learn lessons very well.

This has been proven when Supt Walton and Detective Inspector Memmelo from Homicide sent me abusive emails thinking they’d sent them back to their colleagues.

Has the NSW Commissioner of Police Andrew Scipione let the people of NSW Down ?

That’s the “ burning ” question Cath.

Let the Victorian Police or the Queensland Police carry on like this.

Surely our Police Force here in NSW is above all this pernicious filth ?

Cath I’m sure you’ve seen the movie “ THE TITANIC “ ?

The NSW Police Force reminds me of that movie because what its Force tends to do in NSW is move it’s problem police officers around to other commands like the floating deck chairs on the TITANIC as it went under.

“ Waiter , waiter I’d like a dry martini with a twist. The Titanic isn’t sinking “.

But we do know the TITANIC did sink !

It hit a ICEBERG.

Cath , if all of this alleged pernicious and perverted filth of NSW Police is going on in it’s force it is very disappointing and the NSW Commissioner of Police Mr. Scipione needs come out of his bunker and apologise to Ms.Leong and to the people of NSW for his Police Force’s alleged unlawful behaviour / conduct.

Regards Garry Burns.

18 Apr

to Garry

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

All mail is subject to content scanning for possible violation of NSW Police
Force policy, including the Email and Internet Policy and Guidelines. All NSW
Police Force employees are required to familiarise themselves with these
policies, available on the NSW Police Force Intranet.


This email and any attachments may be confidential and contain privileged information. It is intended for the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this communication. Confidentiality or privilege are not waived or lost by reason of the mistaken delivery to you. If you have received this message in error, please delete and notify the sender.



Kings Cross Police have ruled out the existence of a serial killer in relation to the recent murder of Potts Point man Ahmed Ghoniem, but are yet to find the perpetrator.
The 27-year-old man, who moved to Sydney from Egypt several years ago, was found seriously injured in his Potts Point apartment after a fire on the afternoon of Saturday, September 29.
Mr Ghoniem was treated by ambulance officers at the scene of his fourth floor Greenknowe Ave apartment and taken to St Vincent’s Hospital, where he died shortly afterwards.
Homicide detectives determined that Mr Ghoniem had suffered from a number of serious injuries unrelated to the fire.
Detective Inspector Angelo Memmolo dismissed gay community speculation that Mr Ghoniem was the victim of a serial killer who may be targeting gay men.
Mr Ghoniem was known to be active on gay dating websites and apps such as Grindr and Gaydar.
The murders of several gay men in Sydney in recent years remain unsolved.
“We have absolutely no concerns along those lines and that idea is completely wrong,” Mr Memmolo said.
“The community does not need to fear a serial killer.”
In an email sent to numerous police officers this morning, gay activist Gary Burns raised the idea of a serial killer, prompting insults from Inspector Memmolo.
In an reply intended for his colleagues but accidentally sent to Mr Burns himself, Inspector Memmolo branded Mr  Burns a “lunatic”.
Inspector Memmolo told City News his email was a “terrible mistake” and said he “apologised unreservedly” for the transgression.
“I was reacting to the idea of a serial killer, which we know not to be the case,” said Inspector Memmolo.
NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn also emailed an apology to Mr Burns.
“This was a mistake from Detective Inspector Memmolo and it is unacceptable,” wrote Ms Burn, who added that disciplinary action would be taken.
Mr Burns called on police to act quickly to solve the case, noting that the murders of several gay men in Sydney in recent years remain unsolved.
“It’s really important the NSW Police Force fight for those famous sisters, truth and justice,” said Mr Burns.
“Mr Ghoniem was a young gay man brutally murdered here in Sydney and even his own family in Egypt refused to take his body back for burial because he is gay.
“This poor young man deserves justice and I call on the  NSW Police Force to deliver.”
The killer of Anthony Cawsey, who was stabbed to death in Centennial Park in September 2009, remains on the loose – as does the murderer of Matthew Leveson, who was last seen alive at Arq nightclub, Darlinghurst in September 2007.
Inspector Memmolo said today the investigation by officers from Strike Force Lourde was proceeding well, but called on members of the public to contact police with any information they may have.
“I can confirm the investigation is proceeding very strongly but we would welcome more assistance from members of the public,” he said.
“Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers or Strike Force Lourde at Kings Cross Police Station.”

Look at Peter Hackney fundraising for a legal entity that doesn't exist in 2016. Who is "Gary Burns" - it's only an alias of a pedophile suspect who didn't want to use his real name in the media in case he got arrested.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

There are camp classics – and then there’s Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? Starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, packed with black humour and histrionics, this film boasts some of the campest scenes ever committed to celluloid.
Bette Davis (left) and Joan Crawford in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?"
Bette Davis (left) and Joan Crawford in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”
Ageing sisters and faded actresses ‘Baby’ Jane (Davis) and Blanche Hudson (Crawford) live together in a decaying Hollywood mansion. As children, Jane was a vaudevillian child star and the more famous sibling – but as they grew up, Blanche’s career took off, while Jane’s became a footnote. Now, with Blanche confined to a wheelchair, a jealous and increasingly unhinged Jane wants revenge…
This darkly comical horror film has been a cult movie and gay favourite for decades. On Saturday, May 14, LGBTIQ movie group Alphabet Soup Cinema brings it to The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba for a screening in their imposing old ballroom – the perfect venue for this memorable classic.
All tickets ($7.50 concession, $15 general) include the film, a complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival and snacks. Profits from this screening will help fund the valuable anti-discrimination work of independent gay activist (and avid Bette Davis fan) Gary Burns, who will introduce the film.
Doors open at 7pm, with the movie starting at 8pm sharp. Optional drinks and socialising afterwards in the cocktail bar.
To book your seats, visit the dedicated link at secure online ticketing agent, Eventbrite:
– Pink Mountains
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