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Friday, 14 October 2016

with a clear set of goals and attainable objectives: I CAN GET ANYWHERE I WANT AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME

This is the way to win and I will defeat my enemies, They can not stop me from:

  1.  Gaining meaningful employment
  2.  Fighting the cultural Marxist and feminist left wing over stopping same sex marriage
  3.  My enemies will always fail in stopping me as I know I am right and refuse to give in
  4. from spreading the message and/or writing to my blog and making you tubes as I refuse to give in and/or stop 


 Most of all I am set in my mind that I know that I am the winner and those taking me to court are all looser and this will never change. 

If I loose once or twice I will not be despondent, lick my woulds get up and come back to fight again another day as I am looking at the long term goal and setting objectives on a short term basis to reach the long term end goad

people only loose because they give up with a little pressure


if we fight the good fight and refuse to give in we will always win

This is my answer to those taking me to the courts and tribunals

Note: I also pass these guiglines and principles for others to follow as well. 
These are Universal principles i  all aspects of life to push yourself ahead, in face of adversity like done to me. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 11.53
Saturday October 15th 2016

My comments

How to set Goals effectively

How to set goals you have in your life

My goals are set to defeat those people taking me to court based on lies and then can and never will stop me as I refuse to give in. 

I know I am wright and they are wrong and we have nothing to compromise over. 
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