Sunday, 6 November 2016

Written and published by Luke Mckee

This post I had no choice but to remove it entirely due to legal reasons.

It was written and published by Luke McKee. Eventhough I agree with Luke fully and totally, for legal reasons of getting vilification, victimization and/or defamation accusations I had to remove it from my blog

Let us attack this legislation from Clover Moore 1993  Homosexual vilification bill as I blame the corrupt use of this as the basis of all my troubles

This is one of the main reasons why I support Luke, Luke is also a victim of the Homosexual lobby groups Like me who has just been ordered to pay $53,000 to a homosexual activist and made a judgement debtor based on lies put to a civil tribunal over vexatious claims on vilification/discrimination laws. I am a victim like Luke over this. Is also a victim of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby - and its Marriage equality and homosexual rights fight - This is a travesty of Justice and abuse of the 1993 Homosexual vilification law by Clover Moore

These groups are bringing evil into Australia and I for all people everywhere to get up and oppose Them


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