Sunday, 27 November 2016

Allepo, once the commercial Hub of Syria is now split in two

I feel that this once beautiful and Historic City is now destroyed by war, this was once The financial Hub of what use to be Syrian financial hub and Syrias second city. IT is now totaly destroyed after 5 years of war, this war has now gone on for nearly the same time as  1939-1945 world war 2 (6 years)BUT ISNO WHERE TO BE SEEN AS FINISHING. they Syrian war of the 21st Century seemsto be getting worst and I feel if this is not stopped it is engulfment he whole Middle East end eventualy if allowed to carry on Israel is in danger of an attack. 

Islamic state is trying to takethis to other countries like Libya and now even it is starting on  even as Far as Indonesia

If you are living during These time lines you can not know, it is not until some years later when the Historians go though the facts is it seen as World war 1 or the great war  or World war 2

Could we not  be already started World war 3 and it is not officially designated.

I feel that those involved with The left wing battles we are facing at the moment in Political Correctness do not want us to see this  and are pushing for a world wide take over by coersive means

Written and Published by  John Christopher Sunol 

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