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Friday, 25 November 2016

Australian man arrested in Turkey, main leading terrorist with Islamic State

This man knew wnat he was doing and I feel that the full force of the law should be applied on him. He nneeds special treatment and to stop him from spreading his poison on Islamic state, I feel that this is the time he needs to go junder Military trained custody locked up in a special prison made and designed for terrorist somewhere in Internal Australian deserts Isolated from the general prison community and hundred of miles  from civilization under the security of federal Military trained prison officers. We have the technology today where he can attend a court by video link and intelligence officers can interview him in similar ways. 

This is the sort of case that needs to go to a special Federal prison run by Federal Authorities and over  seen by the Australian Military Prison http://www.history.com/topics/cold-war/fidel-castro Authorities.

We need to set up Federal prisons in Australian interior operated under Military Authorities and designated for all terrorist, lifeforms of very serous federal crimes and those involved with Federaly related crimes, particularly harsh and run under a Military prison chain of command and oversight

Written and Published  John Christopher Sunol , 

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