Monday, 14 November 2016

Change of Focus on this blog - to see the 1993 Anti Homosexual Villification ammendment:NSW PARLIAMENT 1993 by Clover Moore Repealed

(Collier vs Sunol & Burns vs Sunol)

On November 30 1993 the then MP Ms Cover Moore, independent member for Bligh introduced a bill to cover an amendment for the 1977 Anti Discrimination legislation to make it a civil offense to so called be deemed to vilify homosexual on their homosexuality. She left exemptions for those organizations - like churches and religious institutions which do not agree with this. 

This Bill was very controversial and very nearly did not pass except but for Ted Pickering at this time, the NSW state Police minister crossed the floor to vote for it with the Greens and Labor. 

This was a start of a long chain of two people. abusing this bill which goes over 12 years and it was first off all Henry Collier in the Collier vs Sunol cases  and when Henry Passed away in September er 2009 a Garry Burns took over and this is how it started. 

The state of NSW has spent Millions of dollars supporting frivolous vexatious cases over the 11 years which resulted from the passing of this legislation in 2005 with the first Collier vs Sunol case. 

Since this Henry Collier had over 5 cases and one supreme court appeal (2012)  in a Mere 7 years from 2005-2010. After Henry died a Garry Burns came in and made over 79 complaints through the Anti Discrimination Board from 2011-2016. Most of this was passed on to the next stage which is the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunals for a decision and I was to pay Garry Burns $53,411.41 out of this eventually when Garry Billed it all up to me. 

I see this as a Travesty of Justice and am from now on dedicating my life to see the 1993 Homosexual vilification amendment repealed and I will not give in. 

I am changing the focus on this blog to outline this fully and it will have all areas related to this legislation showing the NSW public whey we must repeal these Homosexual Vilification laws as they are not needed, 

I see this bill as not needed, and a dangerous piece of legislation as it is open to rampart abuse (like what happened to me) 

to me this is a Rampart abuse of legislation as if Ted Pickering (ex Police Minister from the Liberal Government) did not cross the floor on the 30th November 1993 to vote with the Labor and Greens for the Homosexual vilification law, none of this would have happened. 

This blog is dedicated to providing information to show how this rampart abuse is a waste of millions of dollars of tax payers money and tying up court systems with frivolous and vexatious actions over many years because of a certain piece of legislation
1993 Homosexual vilification amendment by Clover Moore to the 1977 Anti Discrimination Bills. 

I am changing my blog specifically to focus on one issue 
From wide section of issues on agenda 2030 to a narrower issue to repeal of the 
1993 homosexual vilification legislation by Clover Moore. 

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