Saturday, 12 November 2016

Could Donald Trump become a Tyrant:read this article and see what Pato had to say

Could Donald Trump be a future Tyrant or The to be Anti Christ - man of sin
Donald Trump has shown no public outcry of this yet, but, I think that all should read this article amd see how Plato describes a Tyrant in His philosophical writings. A Tyrant starts off as a people choice and evolves into a Tyrant, a Tyrant arrives in times of need and takes hold - then does not show his Tyrannical Qualities for some time after  he is put in office. Just look at the way  that Donald Trump came into office and imagine 4 years down the track at the 2020 American Presidential election  and s ee how Donald Trump manages his first  term in office. 

All I ask is this question : Who will fulfill the role of the beast of Revelations 666

I can say no more but let us watch very closely and wait and see


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