Sunday, 27 November 2016

French Presidential Elections in 2017 wiill have a profound influence on the EU AND Advance of Political Correctness word wide

This will be an extremely important election within the whole of Europe. (Much like the American presidential election of 2016 which Donald Trump won) The Frennjch presidential elections are more in comon with the United States Presidential elections (the same but very different) and it is critical for who wins. The French System is Unlike the westminster System in Britaiin, another colonial power from the past) 

One of the main reasons for the French election to be so important is that France is one of the three big colonial powers (Britain, france and Spain)
Where the Spanish had main hold on South America (except for Brazil which was Potugese), British parts of Africa, India and Australia the French had thie colonies in Africa, nnew Hebridies and they fought the Britsh over Canada but lost these wars.

Today the French through their Colonial Past (French Colonies) can sway emense power in world affairs alongsode Britain and the United States

It is vital that the left wing or Cultural marxist do not get hold of this country as this Politcal correctness is sweeping the world in one form or another. 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

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