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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Full blown nuclear War after May 2017

Full blown Nuclear war by May 2017

This I will wait and see. I have come accross Other phrophecies that have NOT come to pass when they give dates then they are false phophecies And God talks about false phrophecies in his word. I have heard this  before with dates and that has been a False phrophecy

So let us wait to After May 2017 and we will see what happens.. If world war 3 does not come then This phrophecy is also a false phrophecy

God sais in His word, many falso phrophets will come and go But if the phrophecy does not come to pass then this is of a false phrophet as well

As with all previos dates given, I do not fill my hopes up, I watch, wait and see and if it does not come ro pass, do not get despondent as this ia also a phrophecy from a False phrophet

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