Monday, 7 November 2016

Garry Burns is an a big problem but the law is the real problem (not neede and allows people like Garry Burns to take people to court for a financial reward)

Garry burns is abusing this law all of the time for financial gain
(in putting this in another way)
"Garry Burns s an Asshole but this piece of legislation is the Ass"
or the real problem we must address

(Garry Burns has just been awarded $53,477.43 OFF ME FOR ABUSING THIS law many times. See as the amount of cases he has filed against me for vilification or victimization "none of which I recognize as Genuine)

I realy put my anger and blame NOT on Garry but on the Author of This law, Clover More - the then State Mp for the NSW seat of Bligh and Lord Mayor of Sydney 

Whilst I see Garry Burns as an Asshole The real problem Is this peice of legislation that Clover Moore had introduced to the NSW Parliament in November 1993 passed by one government Minister during this time (Ted Pickering the then Liberal Police Minster) crossing the floor to vote for this peice of legislation.

Clover Moore Bills

Garry was on Clover Moore's (MP for Bligh staff during the time of This speech and he has taken it off as His duty To help start cases to set this working after Hery Collier died in Sept 2009 and Garry took over from The Henry Collier cases as he wanted to further  this law. 

I state whilst Garry Burns is the asshole who corruptly took me to court  based on lies, this law is the  real ass as Garry would not have been able to do that if this kw never was passed, and it was passed in the NSW parliament in 1993 by only one vote, the then Police Minister crossing  the floor in the NSW upper house in November 1993. 

What makes me angry (furious) 23 years after this law has been inacted by only two people. First Henry Collier and after Henry Collier died in September 2009 Garry Took up the reigns and started his long parades of Abuse of this law

Henry Collier started this  and after Henry Collier Died, Garry a Former Staff member at the time of Clover Moore writing this legislation took over from Henry to further the case of corruptly using this law to set forth his own goals. Now he has been rewarded with a $53,477.43 payout which I am order to pay Garry for his services (which I do not recognize)

What I mean without the Homosexual vilification legislation amendment bill by clover Moore passed in November 1993 none of this could have happened through Henry Collier first and then Garry Burns (who has profited out of abuse of This law (been Awarded over $53,000 for the huge amount of lies he is telling using this legislation for his own benefit)

Thus the main root of the problem is NOT GARRY BURNS  NOT HENRY  COLLIER - it is - The homosexual nullification amendment act 1993 by Clover Moore

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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