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Monday, 21 November 2016

Garry Burns is a Narcisstic person with a personality trait and a Psych where everything he sais must o his way or not at all !!!


Garry Burns is posting lies about me  online and taking me to The Anti Discrimination Board and Tribunals on what he believes to be discrimination and villification al of the time. He is a man with a controlling Psych who will not accept where he even  might be wrong and if we disagree with his ultimate, then it is victimization as his way is the only way, no other answer he can or will accept. 

This is a total controlling and narcissistic personality where he has no room for any answer outside what his own personal interpretation of the current situation is. 

This  can be seen as  the description of a psychotic person who has no room to move outside his own personal sphere of beliefs.

This is what I believe ro be the psychological prile of this Garry Burns whom I believe could be classified a person with the Symptoms that mount to a Psychotic personality where he is HE AND He is the center of every thing, everything surrounds Him and He has no room to move. 

Just like a spoil little brat of a Child which is Me!!!Me!!!Me!!! and considers nothing else. 

When you are dealing with this kind of personality it is very difficult to get them to even see where they might be wrong let alone accept that others have the right to also have a say. 

Most of the well known dictators throughout history had  a Narcissistic personality of this kind of behavior 
And the infamous dictator of the 20th Century Adolf Hitler and Joseph Staliin of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (but to a lesser extent) combined with a number of other  very famous Narcissistic Dictators from History.

This is a personality trait that some of the most murderous dictators through history all had. 

I see the man I am fighting Garry Richard Burns as having the same if not similar traits to these past world cruel dictators all of whom could be described as a Psychotic personality with a very narcissistic outlook. Other persons whose Psychological  traits that Garry Burns reminds me off is John Chow Hayes, born 7th September 1911 and died 7th May 1983 - aged 81. This man was a Psycho who ended up spending 20 years for Murder and put on death row, but when death sentence was repealed and was converted to life imprisonment which was 20 years back in the 1960,s. a very narcissistic, self centered man where he demanded  that all he said was God or you got a bullet in the head. Diagnosed as a Psychotic personality and behavior. Garry's personality and mind reminds me of this (Garry has similar Physiological traits if not the same)

It is not possible to negotiate any compromise with this and this is what the Anti Discrimination Board is using to lodge a majority of it complaints for homosexual vilification to make Case law and support this and other 

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 

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