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Friday, 18 November 2016

Garry Burns is talking Porkie Pies and Tiddly Taddles or trying to get under my Skin by spreading bullshit and lies !!!

is using his normal bullshit to try and frighten me and tell lies to the world and myswlf over the issue that hen can Garasheer my social security and take my property and life. 

I say to Garry Burrns this, go and read the Government rules and regulations on  Who can andwho CAN NOT garanshee by Government rules and regulations - I might have  a sweet surprise for you.

I also say the same to your bosses which come from both The homosexual rights lobby and The Marriage Equality Organizations. To me both of these groups, with the Australian Greens political policies on Gay Rights /LGBTIQ Rights are both my enemies and the enemy of all the good mainline coservative people who have some sort of traditional family family values and I declare all out war with these political/social/class  groups as I see  them as a curse upon all who wishes to retain the  traditional value system we hace had for thousands of years. 

I see these groups as those who are pushing Garry Burns as they did also with Henry Collier to take me to court to shut me up, thus Garry Burns as with Henry Collier early are telling Porky Pies and made up Bullshit to get me in trouble and defaming me big time.  

For these reasons alone with other REASONS I can make no deals with the likes of you buster.

Garry I do not  makes deals with Bullshit artists like you and from now on if you want to force a deal on me,  go to the courts to enforce your orders and I suggest you have no mercy go for everything you can get and more: but just know this buster, I am bankrupt and applying fora second  bankruptcy too cover your $53,000 debt which you were awarded based on your lies and fraud.

Just remember this buster

Yours writing this in both Anger and ready to fight such a scammer,

1. Applying for a second bankruptcy 
2. Do not have the money and 2 neither can get it. 

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