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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Garry Burns lies and puts false attacks upon me (for his own personal gain,$53,877.41 to Garry)

Garry Burns Anti Discrimination campaigner

This is just but some of the lies and false accusations I have from this man alone, this man Garry Burns the Anti Discrimination Campaigner) bloats himself to the world that he is the worlds best Anti Discrimination campaigner as he sucessfuly took John Laws and his radio station 2UE to the courts and won on two different cases

This is a travesty of justice as John Laws has alot more money than myself. John Laws could afford to pay off  $10,000 a lot easier than me but because he won against John Laws and 2SM he thinks he can win against me. 

Well then let me tell ,all, I  am not John Laws and do not have the money to pay him off and piss him off. Even if I had the money I would still fight this man for unethical reasons. He is a Scamster and a man with Psychological problems due to the amount of vexatious and frivolous Cases he has put upon me using the Anti discrimination board and Newcat to file the complaints

He has just won the some of $53,877.41 from me which he filed as a judgment debtor from Past cases which I challenge as I believe the are frivolous cases full of lies only put against me for personal gain. 

I am not  willing  to accept the outcome of Any of these actions as they are all biased towards me

This Garry Richard Burns took over the right  from:
 Henry Collier after he died in September 2009

I am now blaming the 1993 homosexual vilification amendment law by Clover Moore for all my problems as this is the root cause of all my problems. 

(With this bill in place, if Garry Burns  was to be taken out of the system: Like Henry collier suddenly was in

September 2009, the problem still would not be fixed. someone ellse could come in and take over where Garry Burns left off and they could be worst.

So I see the root of this problem being the Legislation and not Garry Burns (Or Henry Collier) because without this .
This legislation being oassed on the 30 November 1993 by one vote "ex NSW state Police Minister - Ted Pickering crossing the floor to vote yes with labor, the Greens and Clover Moore the. legislation would not have passed. 

Without this legislarion both Henry Collier and Garry could not have done what they did and we would not have the same problems that we have today. 

So now my main focus is getting to the real root of the probe,, The 1993 anti vilification of homosexual legislation and seeing it repealed

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol


I can get false attacks on any of my blogs and all readers need to be aware of this

These False attacks upon me by those who took me to court in a Total vindictive way will twist even a post like this to launch a completely vindictive attack upon me and lodge another
 Completely frivolous complaint

Anything written by Luke McKee I am not willing to take responsibility for 
this man writes good material, all I will do is edit any inappropriate material on this blog. 


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