Thursday, 10 November 2016

Globalist Greens & Gay Nazi George Soros' getup crying about roadblocks to the PEDOs PLAYGROUND Catholic Schools MUST embrace SODOMY bill

The GREENS tried to remove an amendment that made it LAWFUL for TESS CORBETT to say it's right to discriminate against GAY TEACHERS working in her PREESCHOOL.

Would you want "   "  teaching in your preschool after reading him trying to buy boy " " " in his contract negations with child prostitutes to "   "  before it comes out?
The boylover's child grooming emails and pictures of the "  "  that he sends to children is here:
(in the comments)

Would you discriminate against him because he's gay or because he's a friggen pedophile?

Dear Luke --
Whatever happened to ‘equality is not negotiable’?
That’s what commentators are asking Dan Andrews after Labor voted with Liberals to defeat the Greens’ Equality for Students Bill on Wednesday.
This means that laws allowing discrimination against LGBTI students at faith based schools will remain in Victoria's laws – for now.
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While this is no doubt a disheartening result, we will continue fighting to protect all Victorian's from discrimination.
Thank you for signing my petition to support LGBTI students and those who wrote to their local MP.
Thank you to religious leaders who broke down stereotypes and joined the call for reform.
And a special thank you to LGBTI students who had the courage to share their stories.
Debate continues in the Upper House around religious exemptions for employment.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign and share the Victorian Greens’ Equality for Teachers & Staff amendments to protect LGBTI employees from discrimination regardless of their place of work.
Together, we can ensure that all Victorian's are protected by law from discrimination.

Sam Hibbins MP
Victorian Greens LGBTI spokesperson
Member for Prahran
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