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Saturday, 12 November 2016

God will use people of Great courage:This is why I will not give into those who took me co court and blame me for villification

This is the reason I will noot give into the people lodging villification complaints against me. I know within myself that I am right and if I stopped that would be a traversty of justice. Others would be forced to accept lies on issues to do  with Politcal correctnesss and issues surrounding this 

If I gave in,paid the money I am ordered to (53,477.43) and just died down to give in - the enemy would win and this would give a legal platform for those in Political correctness 

For this reason I beleive God is using me to show the world we must fight the Political correctness regardless knowing we will win in the long run as Political correctness is Stiffling free speech in Australia

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

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