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Friday, 4 November 2016

Has Islamic State plunged us into a third world war:

Has Islamiic state plunged us into a third world war :

This makes it 184 countries have some sort of imnternal or external conflict. this ia more that in World war 1 / 1914 - 1918 which had over 100 countries involved in it - and World war 2 / 1939-1945 which had similar numbers. 

Somwith over 185 countries in a conflict of some soet and only 11 countries totaly free from all war, then by pure number we can honestly say that if is not world war 3 and we have not had that officialy designated, at some time in the future this very well could come to pass. 

As a conclusuion if we were living in September 1914 we would not have realized the war as world war one, or if we were living in November 1939 we may not have realozed the war as world war 2. We could be in a similar peeiod and it is not untill years later when the future historians go through what id happening now, this will be deisgnated world war three as happeening now. 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

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