Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Henry Colliers face - who died inn September 2009 (this was the start of all my troubles on homosexual villiification)

The main perpentrator  - Who died in September 2009 And started the main pre-cedent for a long line of Cases - For Villification Law of homosexuality

An article on the first win by Henry Collier from those backing him
Gay star Observer - Treasurer

  1. This homosexual news paper wrote articles on me when I lost the first cases Collier vs Sunol 2005  due to Zgeek creating trouble for me and their leader, (Pirate) and their computer techo person (Sasq) from Japan spoke to the ADT in 2005 in the Collier vs Sunol case and told black lies from Japan to the courts over a international phone hook up from Japan. 

There tistwist and turns in this saga which comes out of the passing of The Anti Homosexual Villification laws in 1993 by Clover Moore

My whole charade of false accusations and lies which have ended up with one man Garry Burns bring awarded $53,877.41 starts back in 2005 with my first case  Collier vs Sunol back in 2005. During this time both ZgeekHenry Collier and others set me up telling lies. These cases gor publicity in these early times but were all flawed as it was a set up and a scam job to further The Anti Vilification amendment on Clover Moores 1993 bill (Homosexual nullification) 

These cases on homosexual vilification on myself is one big scam job which started off as a prank By a bunch of Pranksters

What makes this realy bad iis that I am expected to pay one person $53,000 for taking part in this case which started lf as a prank  by a Bunch of pranksters who took me as a fool and a mentally handicapped person they used as a 'shit stir'. The Henry Collier who took me first

I will be dedicating this blog to show all how This legislation is being abused


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