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Monday, 7 November 2016

I am going away for one week ove the new year for a holiday :

I am going to fly out of Sydney to another state in Australia on New Years eve to have one weeks holiday away from the troubles I have in Sydney. It will only be for one week and it is to attend a cousins wedding. I will not say where to as I might have trouble makers follow me but let me tell all that is in another state outside NSW and only for the first week in the New Year to attend one of my cousins weddings as I have relatives outside NSW.

I will be back all fired up to take on these homosexual activist in full when I come back amd I will be outside NSW only for the first  week in January 2017. 

I will not say where as I so not need that Garry who is taking me to court or his band of Merry men to follow me as I need a break from them so I am going interstate. I need a break from the stress that Garry And his band of merry men (Sorry made a mistake Poofs) have put me under,

I will not say where until I get home to keep my distance from the trouble makers for the meantime and to have a break, from the troubles going on in NSW for me which is thrust upon me

But I will say this, it is a long way away, not close to Sydney or Newcastle..

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