Monday, 28 November 2016

I am heading off to Sydney tomorrow morning to a case conference with a "Burns vs Sunol" Case again

I have another complaint (the 79th compalint in 4 years "2012-2016") being put to Ncat "New South Wales Civil and Admistrative  Tribunal" and this is on a published statement I did not even wright, it was written by Luke McKee so I refuse to take resposibility and I will stick 5o this line of defence and not move. The man taking me to court is a blatent liar who comitts open Purgery of the System and has a hatred to me which has  turned very vindictive. He will atop at nothing to hurt me and even give false evidence to the courts and Police deliberately. That is one of the reasons I refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy  of the $55,000 debt to pay him. 

This is all I will say over this for now !!!

Especially the Burns vs  Sunol cases
I will not accept as anything but Vexatious and Frivolous cases which are a complete waste of tax payers money - this is a total scam and with $55,000 TO GO INTO Garry Burns own pocket I see this as a Travesty of justice which must be exposed and thos resposible for this made to account. 

This is not provate, it is public and I will not lay down untill those repomsible are brought to account before the public. I am bankrupt and do not even have the means to pay this money as I am unemployed at the present moment. 

I wish to bring this to the notice of the public via any means at my disposal.

Written and Published by John christopher sunol

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