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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I am not paying Garry $53,000: I am applying for a second bankrupty so I do not have to pay this theif

I am in the process of filing for a second bankruptcy as i do not have the money to get the $53,000 and just come out of a bankruptcy from January 2014. 

This is happening right now and there is nothing Garry can do about this but I will not pay him

He is a thief and a con man. I am going apply for a second bankruptcy. I have already spoken to lawyers and down loaded the forms which I will take home, fill in and file them.

I am definitely not giving him a chance to take me for more money and that is final. He is only a theif and I am determined to fight over these issues.

I will not sell my home to get money to pay him as that would give him a chance to get others who want money to put in more false claims about me

  1.  I do not vilify anyone including homosexuals and never have
  2. These who set of cases are all based on lies.
  3. I am not going to give in as I do not have the $53,000 needed and can not get it, I am NOT GOING TO SELL MY HOME TO PAY A THIEF AS THAT IS ALL HE IS, A THIEF WHO MANIPULATED THE LAW TO SUIT HIS OWN NEEDS. (Civil case law through Administrative decisions tribunals)  
I man business and I am not willing to give in as I have nothing to loose. If I was to sell my home I would have excess cash and that would give others the opportunity to claim some of the Gravy train and I am not going to give in to this.

THIS GROUP IS THE CURSE OF NSW and I declare all out open warfare with it to the very end. I blame it and this man Garry is only the fall guy for this group and others like Politicians. So for me to give in and apologize would serve no purpose but to give them a tactical win and this could be bad for everyone as it sets case law.

I am going to fill in a form and post it to the correct place for a second bankruptcy as this was set upon me by people who hate me and are realy nothing but liars and trouble makers.

Published by John Christopher Sunol

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