Sunday, 13 November 2016

I am under severe attack due to my insistent, I do not vilify and am falsely accused

I have been attacked and lied about, even fined over $53,000 and have more cases coming. I still will not give in as the people taking me to court are obsessive liars and homosexual activist with an alternative agenda on their case. 

I have to pay this money within two weeks or I will be put in the local courts to obtain money owed. What makes me angry is that this money is going to Garry Burns the man who took me to court and based all his cases on lies.  

This is political and not vilification, Garry is a member of the left wing feminist/cultural Marxist political correctness groups and acting on their behalf as I had David Shoebridge the Greens Senator in NSW (Upper House) who is a magistrate and Barrister who write the legislation on Anti Vilification which I am accused on. 

To finish off this NSW legislation is flawed and should not be in place, 1993 Anti vilification law Clover Moore anti Discrimination amendment, and the 1977 Anti Discrimination law needs to be overhauled due to this easily being able to be abused by corrupt people. 

Posted and written by John Christopher Sunol

They hope anti Gay forces will loose

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