Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wotld war 3 is starting right now in a number of ways

I beleive this is undeeway right now and this war WORLD WAR 3 will be very differemt from its predecessors WORD WAR 1 and WORLD WAR 2 is to do with the reasoning, In both World wars 1 and 2 it was based on power issues but World war 3 will be predominantly fought over religious fundamentalism

ALSO OTHER ISSUES WILL COME IN AS WELL and on the sideline I declare a form of world war 3 with  the Homosexual lobby

This Lobby group I see as one of the main cuses of the earth and is full of active Members of Radical femenism which are all Cultural Marxist linked up people

I personally see these groups as the ultimate enemy of all human beings in the 21st century. 

Published by John Christopher Sunol


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