Thursday, 17 November 2016

I had a small amount Garnisheered on the 16th November: I will have to wait and seewhat happens next

This man is a theif, I am not willing to accept the out come of These cases as the decision was biased on the lies and false accusations put to me by This man on behalf of These Groups and their Political Masters 

This is a total and utter scam job which I am going public over.
I wish to tell Garry Richard Burns, This: I do not have this money, can not get it (as I am bankrupt, and you have NO RIGHT BUSTER TO DEMAND $53,877.41 FROM A BANKRUPTED MAN ON NEW START BECAUSE OF This legislation which was passed in 1993 as one mann, the ex police minister crossing the floor of the NSW parliament - plus I know you are doing this as the Fall Guy on Behalf of The Greens and These Groups 

I know that God is with me and I am right as these groups are very political and oppressive groups wanting to force Evil upon all.

Written By John Christopher Sunol 

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