Saturday, 26 November 2016

I have to have the $50,000 paid to the man I am a judgement debtor to by next week: or I am taken to a debtors court to examine me

This judgment debt I have to have in full by the middle of next  week (the 30th November 2016) "which is  for $55,000" to Garry  comes from not just one case but around 35 decisions all added up together since 2011/12. this man has deliberately not filed for this money and registered until now to get the most from me and to wait until my bankruptcy is over so I will have no choice but to file for a second bankruptcy which I am in the process of doing. 

In reality my  cases Burns vs Sunol and Collier vs Sunol have a number of aspects to them both from a legal case manager point of view, a philosophical point of view, a political point of view and jusr pure vexatious lies to hurt me as I refuse to accept lies from a Political Correctness Marxist totalitarian  thinking over issues to do with Homosexual rights and Homosexual marriage as a political agenda for today This is all Left wing Politics and nothing to do with love, Love is only propaganda to push an agenda and dirty left wing Politics as well (Marxist/Communist/Socialist and state control rather than Indicual control which we live at the present moment)

The Politicos behind same sex Marriage is all collective actions of a social collective  and the Marriage Equality with the homosexual lobby want to Socially Engineer all to accept Homosexual rights . It is my duty to wake the general public up over this in explain the real causes for my past cases.

On top of this, this man wants me charged by the NSW Police on criminal charges of Harassment and committing an electronic crime for making my You Tubes as he hates me and is very vexatious towards me and he wants me taken off line and stopped at an cost. I do NOT co-mitt hatred or do anything wrong and it is all a hatred to me with a personal vendetta by Garry towards me on a political bias / personal vendetta and hate towards me personalty.

This is all wicked and I want to show the world the lengths that a left wing Cultural Marxist philosophical thinking in the areas of Political correctness will go to when  they want to quieten you down and produce hatred which spiritual reeks their soul and I believe that Garry has has handed his whole body self and soul over to the Devil.

I am very aware of this so I hand my whole life and soul over to Jesus Christ and allow His power to  run through me and to protect me. 

In cases like this I can not compromise or make concessions to Garry as I would be conceding defeat to Satan himself and Satan was Defeated on the cross by the blood of Jesus some 2,000 years ago when Christ resurrected from the dead to the Living. - So this battle between me and Garry is not a physical battle by iitself, it is also Being fought in the spiritual realm as well, where Jesus Christ is the victor over Satan

I do not make Concessions with Satan over cultural Marxist or Political Correctness lines of Philosophical thinking which incorporates GAY and lesbian Rights and Marriage Equality

I wish to show the whole world how Jesus Christ can protect His people and these Homosexual rights groups can not and will Not win over the church as the church has the power of God which is far greater than the power behind the Power and lobby of the Political Correctness groups (which are Marxist by values)

So that leaves me only for going all out or not at all as I will nor compromise with evil. I show that Christ is far greater than any Marxist group that wants to lobby against you (For Homosexual rights or Marriage Equality)  

Jesus Christ is much more powerful than these groups and He can Protect His people

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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