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Saturday, 19 November 2016

I know the reasons why the homosexual rights groups and marriage equality do not want a Pelbisciite

Political memmbers views State by State - Marriage Equality- WA

The strongest states for pro same  sex marriajge is 
1. Act - both House of Reps and Senate fully Support Marriage quality
2. NSW - House of Res 86 support, 34 oppose 6 support, undecided 30 Marriage sequality
3. Tasmanian - 6 support, 4 oppose and 2 Undecided Marriage equality

Politics is the main reason for rejection of the same sex Marriage Plebiscite
Is that the Marriage Equality groups and Gay rights groups are Marxist and very ttotalitarian, they are using propaganda to force same sex marriage on us all,. If they take it to the people then they would fail. 


A free vote in Parliament already has the numbers

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