Saturday, 19 November 2016

I received my social security money this morning and I withdrew $420 of it in the morning

John Christopher Sunol

I received my social security payment this morning at 1.00am. I drove down to Mayfeild. filled the car with petrol for the next 2 weeks and withdre most of the money leavingn a small amount to cover regular payments. I done this to stop that theif he took me to court telllin g lies from being able to get money from me.

I will do  this each fornight and I refuse to go into a payment plan with the liar and theif who took me to court.

I will do this each fornight to stop him from taking money from me.

This liar wants me to  make deals with him but I am not going into deals with liars like thar Gaery over the $55,000

I speak no more on this but just act

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