Friday, 11 November 2016

If we are going to have same sex Marriage: Then I agree 100% with Pauline Hansom

I agree with Pauline Hanson over the Same sex marriage Plebiscite - Pauline Hanson is right - very right

I feel that this was deliberately theown out of proportion to stop the plebiscite. Those in the homosexual:marriage Equalityy areas:know:if the:plebiscite was:held, everyone would see the statistics are botched up for the Yes vote,

Some are saying over 60%of Australia want same sex marriage legislated but a plebicite will show the truth, it is NOT 60% at all. Rather it is far less than 10% AND MORE THAN LIKELY A NUMBER OF LESS THAN 2% OD DIE HARD PEOPLE PUSHING FOR SAME SEX MARRIAGE  and 90% of Australians uncomitted to this issue. 

Agree with Pauline Hanson this has been blown out of proportion, but I  go a little further to state that is to railroad unwanted legislative changes upon all Australians as dictators of the past did.

Written by John  Christopher Sunol 

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