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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Iraqi forces retake six villages from Islamic state

Iraqi Army re takes six villages from Islamoc state

Thiis is great we are getting the upperhand over Islamic state but this is only a start. we need to dight on to outright destroy Islamic state as it  can re grou amnd    attack again. I beleive this could be the start of World war 3 there is a fair amount of Evidence thar world war 3 has Already started. We may not know this yet  as when Gemany rolled over the border inro Poland on the 31st August 1939 No one on the 6th Sept 1939 knew thismwas ro be the officialmatartmof world war 2

With this in Mind we could already be in world war 3 and not know it yet as the people alive in the world on the 6th August 7 days one week after the startmof Hitlers Poland campaign new this would become a 6 year long war, incoporate the whole world and eventualy be designated the officialmatart of world war 2

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

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